All power to the elbow of that troll, if he or she truly exists, of Brendan Clarke Smith, I say!

By Stanley Collymore

Racists like Brendan Clarke
Smith don't like the taste
of their own medicine.
Here's an intellectually challenged
moron whose rather unequivocal  
opinion is, that not just the Black  
Lives Matter organisation but as
well, rather specifically, Blacks  
of every age and both genders,
their pathetic lives are, surely  
inherently useless, and really  
noticeably rewarding, rather  
significantly too undeniably  
and decidedly, indisputably  
don't generally count at all,
basically complaining to a  
Nazi rag or the likes of the
Daily Mail, which literally  
delights in literally going  
out of its way to instigate  
and fervently, encourage  
distinctly unadulterated,
white racism levelled at  
Blacks indiscriminately  
that a hugely debatable  
and also a distinctively  
significant, convenient  
plus aptly anonymous,
troll, on this unnamed  
social media  platform  
hoped his sprog died!

Most ironically the same  
Daily Mail, by the way,
where its own rather
motivated and manipulated trolls,
and with Brendan Clarke Smith's  
rapt blessing, most instinctively  
and customarily, do exactly the  
identical same things, relative
to their vilely sick and rather
inimically, totally ingrained;  
so warped, racist revulsion  
hatefully regarding, Harry
and Meghan's very young  
children: infant, 3 month  
daughter Lilibet and too  
Archie, 22-years-old son.

How ironic of a typical racist  
and white dunderhead MP,  
found naturally in every  
UK political party, but inuredly
inside the Tories to believe as
Brendan Clarke Smith, does!
For realistically, what types  
of even the most allegedly  
transitory, clearly rational  
objective adult compares  
as fatuous Brendan does  
bending a knee to a Nazi  
salute? Sensibly, how on
Earth do those gestures  
go together; when they
are absolutely nothing  
alike in any respect of  
what they discernibly  
represent. While also  
in true, human terms  
the exact opposite to  
each other, patently!

And what we have with this  
laughably, and asininely,
hyphenated so-called  
Brendan Clarke Smith is an elected
Tory MP and entrenched idiot - in
essence nothing new there at all
actually - repulsively, making a
distinctly, and so intentionally
offensive crass and insulting  
provocative statement, clear  
in its pursuit, regarding the  
usual lives of Black people  
generally; who regardless  
of their basic age, gender  
or - even fundamentally,
what contributions that  
they currently make or  
else have substantially  
previously made both  
to their communities,
and wider humanity!  

So regardless of whether this
is individually, or otherwise  
collectively undertaken it's  
nevertheless in this sick repugnant cretin Brendan  Clarke Smith's vile  
racist contrived and pronounced  
white supremacist view not any  
entitlement whatever, on these  
people's part, to even the basic  
right to life; as rather crucially,
according to him, they should
not be alive. And furthermore  
that anybody,  who makes a
distinctly peaceful very law
abiding; fittingly, freedom
of expression, and a truly
democratic gesture so as
to humanly embracingly  
and pointedly show that  
racism distinctively has  
no durable or certainly  
any ethical standing in
our lives and therefore  
won't ever be sensibly  
approved by Blacks or  
other ideal supportive  
decent societies must,
this manifestly inured,  
crucially unmistakably
vile, dimwitted pillock:
sick - Brendan Clarke  
Smith - demonically,  
idiotically demands,
be castigated by the  
odious likes of him.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
14 October 2021.

Author's Remarks:  
From my earliest childhood and throughout my formative educational years in Barbados I was constructively instructed just as It was inspirationally instilled in and willingly inculcated by me that I should never fear anyone or anything, and that included Death. After all, it was convincingly argued, why be fearful of something that was inevitable and, like everyone else, I had no control of its timing or manner.

So I've always embraced the concept of Death; don't worry about it, and will warmly welcome the Grim Reaper when he ultimately makes his appearance. Principally too, because my staunch practical and objective informative religious upbringing stipulates that this earthly life is merely a transitory one to something far better when one dies, or alternately a perilous and demonic existence if the time spent on Earth has been anything but a meritorious one. And, as such, every adult is directly responsible for how their eternal life eventually turns out.

As for God in this equation of mine, having given me a functioning brain to think for myself, He well knows what's on my mind and significantly why these sentiments are naturally there; and personally I have no problem, difficulty or awkwardness arguing or explaining my case with Him if I have to, which, for obvious reasons, is a rarity but mutually respectful. So if I can do so with the Lord of the Universe why should I unwarrantedly be deferential to mere mortals like myself; regardless of what spurious airs and graces such people delusionally and ludicrously accord to themselves?  

To digress momentarily, I once trained and worked as a RMN and SRN nurse at one of England's major, longstanding hospitals, and during my time there witnessed many patients die. There were those who welcomed their death with dignified equanimity and died peacefully, contentedly and quite movingly. Others didn't! And the visible fear on their faces was markedly striking, coupled with the agitated tension on their part that was conspicuously palpable!

So much so that not infrequently in their cases my nursing colleagues and I were attendant at these patients impending demise often had to physically install requisite bed rails on their beds to preclude these patients, even in their dire conditions, from endeavouring to climb out of their beds: such was the intense fear of death implacably written all over their contorted faces; and customarily too accompanied by their piercing screams.  

Screams not induced by physical pain - they were instinctively given prescribed medications to alleviate any physical pain they had - but the tangible fear, on their part, of Death! And the more intuitive among the nursing staff caring for these patients and fully cognizant of their case notes and life history, fully and quite logically knew why these specific patients, bearing in mind the lives they selfishly and egregiously led, were so discernibly petrified of this imminent occurrence for them,  but is nevertheless an inevitable occurrence in all of our respective lives!

As a child I was also positively instructed to distinctly differentiate between opinions and facts. Nothing immeasurably wrong in having opinions but significantly, I was taught, they mustn't be confused with or shouldn't ever be passed off as facts. And until opinions are irrefutably corroborated as facts, they should and must always morally be openly and honestly declared as what they are - unsubstantiated opinions!

Everything I write,  that I'm not already fully au fait with, I meticulously research and in line with my excellent journalistic training, fact check with a minimum of three reputable sources. Taught specifically by my maternal Grandmother never to hate anyone or anything - as doing so merely allows those, or the things that I inadvisably hate to determine my own personal and constructive agenda, which is counterproductive she advised - so I literally don't waste my time or energy hating people. Detest them; but hate them, never! And however much I loathe what I see or those who are directly involved in such loathsome or heinous activities, hate never comes into the equation with me. Furthermore, however compelling an opinion I hold is, isn't, never has been, or will it ever override facts; nor malevolently so, be used simply to seemingly substantiate a bias, whether consciously or sub-consciously so that might be held by me. That's why when fully armed with the requisite facts I need I'm not the least bit afraid, nor will I ever be, to fearlessly speak the unadulterated truth to power: whether that power is politically real, solely hereditary acquired; or social climbing rising, imaginary!

Whether anyone made inappropriate remarks or not about Brendan Clarke Smith's sprog I quite frankly couldn't care less, and completely agree with my astute German mother in law who thinks it's Brendan noxiously using the well-known technique of self-incrimination and passing it off as the action of others to garner relevance and support for himself and his own malevolent and egregious intentions. And, does my German mother in law, that for some, quite evilly like Brendan Clarke Smith, who thinks and openly states that Black people have no right to live, as their lives don't matter, and then dishonestly and disingenuously use the Nazi salute as his backdrop argument, speaks volumes about this most repulsive hypocrite.

In essence, my German mother in law points out that it's the kind of stunt that hardcore Nazis, like Brendan Clarke Smith, pull; expressly with the full knowledge, connivance and also the fervent support of rightwing and Nazi rags like the Daily Mail! And the alleged targeting of Brendan Clarke Smith's sprog is utterly bogus and, as such, is particularly akin to the 1930s Nazis covertly torching the Reichstag to rather self-servingly and publicly whip up animosity and hatred then afterwards deliberately, vitriolically  and intensely, nastily whip up especially vile hatred and animosity against those they robustly but unwarrantedly hate.

Lots of people will die between now and Christmas and also the incoming New Year.  Covid-19, several cancelled hospital appointments, workshy GPs not seeing patients; the seasonal flu hazards and loads of other incidents, some of them wholly unseen like murders, will account for these several deaths. And in view of the distinctly despicable person that Brendan Clarke Smith undeniably is, coupled with his rather repulsive views on Black people, of whom I'm one, I won't be human  if I didn't express to my Almighty Maker,  a most fitting and equally a distinctly expedient conclusion to the entire Brendan Clarke Smith family!  

And by the way, free speech and also freedom of expression aren't the sole prerogative, as is generally believed, of white, racist bigots! Just thought I'd let you know that!

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