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Image for the poem  Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

ManÖ do you know who the sexy dame who lives in the house on the Hunted Hill
Iíve seen her coming and going, she looks like sheís due for a midnight humping thrill
No, but I heard she got bit tits and an apple bottom butt †
Say what †
Yes, and get thisÖ word has it..  these youngsters be licking all on her loverís cup †
I take it youíve seen her before †
NawÖ witches ainít nothing but brooms who has curses and big pores †
Iíll pass on that green looking ass †
I heard some of these local cats supposed to sneak in her flat when sheís not home †
Whoever brings back her black hat, †and her spell book, and all her candles, us villagers here who roams †  
A hundred dollar reward from each one of us, guaranteed to be enough to buy their old lady an expensive stone †
And bragging rights from here to Kingdom come †
Hum.. You donít say... then count me in and that feat from me is already won †
How easy is it to steal a hat and all that other shit from an old looking hag †
It will be like saying trick or treat and she dropping all that candy in my bag †
† †
I know you not down with that nonsense, you will need a hope to get that hat at least.. I hope you know how to pray †
Iím not trying to get in the sack for a quick lay †  
So, I suppose itís about the money with you and nothing lese †
Well hell yeah †
The Next Day
† †
Let me see what this fuss is all about.. some witch just another ass hit †
Probably some old chick who can't creep up on a dick †
Elvira let me call you back †
Someone is banging on my door like they are ready to attack †
Grab your spell book.. and love potion that mind.. you got the knack †
No need too.. you know itís that time of the year when these handsome men crave a piece of my kitty cat †
Last year I had mayhem with Jason, Michael, and Freddie †
Each vying to turn my sheets up and giving the chance neither was quite ready once I stepped out my teddy †
Girl those slashers were some two minute hovers †
Even my sheets were crying for some real all night lovers †
Too much info Kittycat †
I cannot help it if I got it like that †  
And they could not step up to bat †
I tell you girl, this day brings so many naughty surprises †
Mm... from my steamy cauldron ... to the stirring hard choices lost in my creamy abyss until the sun rises †
We will do the Saloon at midnight †
Giving those villagers some eye candy before the soft bite †
Later girl †
And wear something real sexy so we can rock these men world †
† †
Open this door I know someone is in there †
Donít make me go Freddie Kruger from Elm Street and become your worst nightmare †
No, this person is not at my threshold demanding my presence, not knowing if Iím even with company or all alone †
I hope the appearance goes with the voice.. I do love me some baritone †
MmÖ nothing like the taste of an arrogant manís skin †
Then again †
They all taste the same in the dark †
Especially when suckling that hard body part †
Inhaling, exhaling, slowly opening my door †
Mm.. what do we have here.? Definitely, a future honey skin dripping pour †
Damn! I mean, excuse me maíam †
He will step back and make sure he has the correct residence, so typical from where he stands †
I..I... †
He will look over my shoulder then his eyes will peruse my breasts spilling over my camisole and thatís no lie †
Then in confusion and a state of surprise massage the back his neck †
Licking my lips circling a manicured nail around the rim of my wine glass.. to have his full undivided attention is making me wet †
I thought a witch.. I mean I heard a.. a witch, I think I may have the wrong address †  
If you come in Iím sure we can figure this out at best †
Mm.. he even smells good.. †
To Be Cumtinued
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Beauty, sweet love, is like the morning dew, Whose short refresh upon tender green, Cheers for a time, but till the sun doth show And straight is gone, as it had never been.

Samuel Daniel
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