Listen, and I shall speak
Of lovers' days, nights, weeks.
Bowing heads, in cradled hands
Fighting the fading, greying plans.
To lift themselves, above the game
Of everyday, of all the same.
Like a book reread, yet a page unturned
Like a match unlit, but feeling burned.
Forgetting how, to touch within
They kiss lips dry, an inch from skin. 

They hear the words, but miss the shout
Of a lover lonely, and calling out.
They turn to sleep, they face the wall
Never seeing, the other at all.
Lying there, with open eyes
Holding a pillow, to quiet their cries. 

They pull the blanket, under their chin
Protecting their hearts, and the love within.
From the cold of night, that steals the heat
And the lonesome look, of an ironed sheet.
No wrinkled twists, no scattered cloth
No candles lit, the flame blown off. 

They close their eyes and call on dreams
To recall the love, from memories.
And to the other, in silent prayer
They hope tomorrow, be laying there.

For to wake alone, to listen and sigh
At a candle's hiss, that final goodbye. 
To what once was, the day starts cold
So slow to rise, the sun is old.

To lie in bed, to hear no call
Of a morning lover, of nothing at all. 
To listen to nothing, but one less beating
From a lover's heart, torn and splitting.

Gone is the day you could try again
Gone are the words, said within. 
Gone is the door, never to open
Gone is the key, to let you in.
Gone is the sun and how it glistened
Gone is the moment, once envisioned.
Gone is the chance, you never took then
Gone, is love, and what should've been.
Gone is the lover, the partner, the friend
Gone is everything, except the end.

How it all falls, with a sun unrisen
How dark the day, you didn't listen. 

Goodbye is said silent, in the eyes
The candle flutters, then it dies.
And in your heart, what once was red
Turns to blue, then grey, then dead.
And I, the wind, that curls on by
To turn your wish into a sigh.
I'll bring it back, to tease you when
You swear on love, to listen.

Written by Styxian
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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