A Reduction Of Character

Scripture now tweeted
With the tik tok desire for ever briefer fractions of time
A.k.a the character cap
Worthy of such characters.
Hope that wasn't too long,
Apparently if there's a point to be made
It should be made quickly, precisely
And should just intuitively click...
Just enough of a prompt to fill the attentions span
If you've been taught intuition and emotion are the same
And if that's essentially all you've been taught.
Since when did our ideals have a domain name
A domain name owned by some silicon valley billionaire's
With open ties to intelligence agencies..
Look upon your fucking priests
As always
It's the same fucking situation
Just getting worse
A few generations of brain rot for the masses
And many, many generations of gathered intelligence for the few.
Generations of store owners, entrepreneurs and innovators
Become generations of consuming employees
Ouroboros but a logo for the production line
Of human capital sold to all for all
For the good of everyone
Become nothing
And worship the inversion
As Pazuzu sues you
For slander
Baal's got your back
If you'll credit accordingly.
A communal subscription
To a life of dependence
On shelf live's and stock
which created by many
Are invented by few
And provided at their behest
Unquestioningly it's always fine
As you are told daily
Right until it's not.
Have you taken your communion today?
Baptised in the latest trend
Ecstasy in the throng of hysteria
Fanatical devotion to doomsday prophets
Who you know well to be creators.
Evangelical mania in the eyes of the faithless
Has encapsulated a godless world
And throngs of devotees
Are readying for the with hunt
The inquisitor's ravens fretting
With the iconography by their names
Destroying all that came before
And all that stand against
The rhetoric approaches fever pitch
In the hearts of the branded enlightened
A throb of righteous fury
To cast down the new laws
How dare you not believe what you have not seen
Ye sinner, ye caster of doubt and scornful accusations
Thee enemy of the common man
The flock must be saved above thou
Penitence shall be enforced
With little more than patience and prompting
Radio Rwanda for the masses
The clergy are most disdainful
Most scornful
Of all beyond their encroach
Condemning in the name of man
In the name of the faithful and good;
The concerned and the questioning.
The crucifixions now for the faithless
As black marks against their names
But watch for where the sun rises
For many are still borne immortals
And would not destroy life itself
For fears of illness
Shouted out like a call to prayer.
Written by A_Conduit (Behappy - Bhairava)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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