Buried and still breathing inside this sand dune..    
Show me the new things that you know under this shining sun..  
We are sighting this moon at noon..
So, tell me all the new things which you know under a shining sun..
Inside this grave me and all these creatures lying you all know this Canned Sardines..        
Inside here, right here am their Prison Warden..        
Relentlessly praying and sobbing at the same time to one day touch the door steps of Eden's Garden..        
While this got written I don't actually know what I was doing up until am done..        
And until am gone..        
This beats tells you it's all of a sudden..        
All we got in here..        
Rotten bag of bones..        
Not a single strand of hair, you see no saloons.. Saloons!..        
Something's keep bursting like balloons.. Balloons!..        
I'm color blinded everything looks maroon.. Maroon!..    
And don't mistake us for some work of art, we are not cartoons.. Cartoons!        
Of each other we are just copies of carbon.. Together we glued it's a stigma bond..      
We crave for meal in here, please provide us with some corn..          
We are done..        
Curiously asking where are we from?        
Hoping against hope that a certain angel will blow their horn..        
This is not in any way a joke coz on my head, I got me some heavy loans..        
That's why night and day I mourn..        
All of a sudden..  
Something's new is happening under a shining sun..  
No where to run..  
See, there's something happening under this rising sun..
No feelings nor emotions I got none..    
   As poor as a church mouse I often wonder is there anything I own?..        
No where to run..        
The only new thing under this shining sun.. Guess I must wait until my turn..        
It doesn't matter the vegetation Eco..      

It's all of a sudden..        
It can go taiga, tundra..          
Temperate or the tropics..        
It's all of a sudden..        
It can reach as far as the deserts, savannahs or the grasslands..        
All of a sudden..        
Northern pampas or the southern prairie..        
Something nasty..  
Under this sun..    
Something naughty..  
Under the sun..  
Something scary..  
All of a sudden..  
Ma, there's something new happening under this rising sun..
And until am gone..        
This beats tells you it's all of a sudden..        
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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