A deep perversion of all things natural.. Modern denial

Isn't it exciting when the herd moves as one
7 billion forgotten self's laying down to die
In the name of a world they never experienced
For people who say they must
But knowingly won't do the same.
It is best not to believe in anything
Except now, right now
Don't think too much beyond now
And pay maximum attention to now
Right now
Panic buying starts
And the exit lights are on the screen
Everyone rushes at once
Not one of them panic thinks
Not one of them knows an exit
There's lots of open doors in dangerous places
Don't squeak little mice
You'd alarm the others
And you'd then be a threat
The new green light
A domestic terrorist
Don't squeak little mice.
Lacking in any desire to see beyond
Terrified of a world which they deny themselves
Settle into the neon bliss of ignorance
Satisfactions on the screen
Whenever you wish it to be,
Pleasantly pacified
Perfectly useless, glad to die
Or see death
It all means so little
So long as it's not you
And even then
So long as it's quick
Or in your sleep
Is that right?
How could you save a world you've done nothing for
Screaming and shouting as directed
Whenever little miss tin pot extremist
Tugs at your puppet strings
Hearts and crafts
The technique's now perfect.
You want to save a world you never saw
By destroying people you've never met
And really it's just for the self
A cultivated self
Not cultivated by you
But by your daily intake of passive media
And law
The self of man in it's dying days
Lashing out desperately for any experience it hasn't yet had
As the realization finally dawns upon it
But too little too late
Clambers to destroy all in it's place
In bitter revenge for a life now regretted.
Time is but a schedule
And it's passing an inconvenience
And when your times up, it's up
And that's that
We're so often told.
It's all the here and now
Or if desperate
To be new wave and spiritual
with an entirely sculpted mind
Perhaps it's reincarnation
More of the here and now
But you don't believe it
You know there's nothing
Other than the ravings of hopeful idiots.
Those desperate for more than Ikea
And Mcfeelings
A hellish post-nature
Perpetual life support
A system of man's creation
The fucking hive which drones endlessly.
It's much more efficient to regulate emotions
And direct them towards the onlookers
They'll barely know what's hit them
Likewise, they'll barely know what they've hit
In fact most will barely know a thing
Whatever keeps the balance
On that fucking screen.
You want save a world you've never known
Never tried to know
Never even desired to know
But of course it's all we've got
So you want to save a world you've never known
It's all there is
Wrapped about our universe
But greater than anyone
You want to do what you've been told
Or else you might have to face something natural
Written by A_Conduit (Behappy - Bhairava)
Author's Note
Wouldn't #Society be a good one....
Hideously transparent.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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