Metropolitan Police and Andrew Windsor, on same wavelength? Who'd have thought it!

By Stanley Collymore

It's who you know and the
gongs on offer! Seriously,
how can you truly have
a proper investigation  
of a crime if you do not speak to  
the victim and who crucially is
also the accuser? Surely every  
responsible, really intelligent  
and fundamentally evidently  
sensible person aptly knows  
and unequivocally too, why
Andrew Windsor distinctly,  
has essentially been rather  
smug, all the way through  
the publicly promulgated  
sexual abuse accusations  
crucially directed at him!

Pragmatically try facing the  
harsh, clearly unpalatable  
but crucially undeniable  
truth; which is, that Andrew wasn't
the least bit remotely, realistically  
ever going to be actually charged  
with any thing; and, significantly  
so because the UK Metropolitan  
Police, were inevitably ordered  
to rather conveniently find and  
likewise declare there wasn't a
case to investigate let alone to
answer even when they didn't  
have the basic moral decency,
these discernibly pathetic but
supposedly firstrate coppers  
to impartially interview; this  
thoroughly accommodating
victim, of Andrew Windsor.

And not interviewing Virginia  
Roberts Giuffre distinctively  
goes to show that a proper  
investigation, was never
mounted into the case.
And in actual fact the
Metropolitan Police  
distinctively knew  
what the corrupt, bogus  
result would be before  
they even started, on  
it. That is assuming,
of course, that all
the sycophantic  
bastard and  
evilly, bitch
cops; ever
acted so.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
12 October 2021.

Author's Remarks:
The Saxe-Coburg-Gothe-Mountbatten-Windsor family and the Metropolitan Police are both as criminally and immorally corrupt as each other and distinctively unfit for purpose. Nothing new in either of these two cases, as it's been a longstanding and profitable enterprise for the Windsors and the Metropolitan Police separately and collectively.  

And having been personally and longstandingly involved with the justice for Stephen Lawrence Campaign, and despite the accurate designation of the Metropolitan Police as institutionally racist by the highly commendable Macpherson Report - and nothing has actually changed with them other than the proverbial swapping of chairs on the Titanic decks of this abysmally corrupt and criminal institution laughably masquerading as a credible police force and furthermore asininely deemed as the very best in Britain - so was Jimmy Savile presumably as a "highly respected" philanthropist!

I actively got involved with the Stephen Lawrence fight for justice campaign from its outset, and as a trained and qualified journalist, not a hack as so many of you white Brits are used to, knew full well the corrupt  lengths the Metropolitan Police went to and the similar measures it also employed to cover their criminal tracks: shielding senior officers who were financially on the take from the father of one of Stephen Lawrence's killers and even initially having the gall, having given these racist killers of Stephen more than ample time to cover their tracks and destroy relevant evidence, claim, did theMetropolitan Police,  that Stephen Lawrence wasn't killed by white racists,  which vastly contradicted witnesses substantive claims to the contrary that the Metropolitan Police wilfully ignored,  but actually instead attributed Stephen's murder to the actions of a Black gang of which Stephen Lawrence himself was supposedly a prominent member. Knowing perfectly well, did the Metropolitan Police,  that this malevolent and malicious allegation of theirs was an egregiously concocted fabrication and an intentional disfiguring of Stephen Lawrence's impeccable character!

Now we even have Stockholm Syndrome inured aficionado and the Coconut Useful Idiot, Priti Patel the British Home Secretary with responsibility for the police belatedly stating what ever sensible person cognizant of the situation and with a functioning brain in their head and who knows how to objectively use it, that the Metropolitan Police is rotten to the core and from the top to the bottom. Yet curiously the Metropolitan Police can't, and for some considerable time now,  can't fill its official quota of Black and other ethnic police officers because in tune with the British rightwing media and rags and their Pavlov dogs manipulated trolls, Black police officers should be selected and appointed solely on merit, not "affirmative action" and we all know what they mean and precisely the sentiments that their cowardly euphemistic remarks convey. Solely on merit, they emphasize - like WAYNE COUZENS for instance? The white rapist, murderer and serving Metropolitan Police officer? And all the others like Wayne Couzens that the said Metropolitan Police have shielded and systemically covered up for numerous years?

The load of faeces coming from the putrid mouths of Charles Windsor, his siblings, their family members, and Charles's older son William - notwithstanding their own personal despicable lives - in tandem with their authorized leaks by the stooges in their financial employment, as well as their likeminded and fixated social climbing, gongs recipients or earnestly in hope of receiving them sycophants in the British electronic media and press about Andrew Windsor being shunned by his and their respective families is so much of what on the average day makes its way from numerous British toilets nationwide to the respective local sewage works. And these patently and consummate, innately fraudulent Windsors clearly are so distinctively like these natural waste substances!

As for Liz Windsor quite blithely heading off for church and seemingly without a care in the world as her favourite son beams from ear to ear in direct response to the Metropolitan Police's disgusting and dishonest response to the Andrew matter; I'm not the least impressed by her evident and contemptuous public contempt or the associated indifference to her son's overall and longstanding odious behaviour! And while there are loads of you with similar sewer rats' "morals" who'll say it's instinctive on a mother's part to protect her child; oh no! Not when they're adults and their actions are decidedly odious!  

Proper mothers with genuine morals and not not fake ones, to begin with, teach their children from birth right from wrong and consistently reinforce these moral concepts well into adulthood even through their own personal examples. What conscionable mothers don't do, is to use their privileged status and class entrenched sycophancy on the part of others earnestly seeking to ingratiate themselves, discernibly aided and abetted by hereditary entitlement to contemptibly protect their knowingly arrogant, wayward and egregiously malevolent offspring at any cost. And this is precisely what Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gothe-Mountbatten-Windsor is doing in the case of her second son Andrew!

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