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The boogie man

All I know is that after the aftermath of the physical abuse from Zack, I would go to my room that had just one twin size bed,
He would lock me in there for days, only letting me out to use the bathroom, go to work or one of his rages,
A hanging light fixture that was as dull and couldn't hardly see anything,
But there was nothing in the small confined of that room but my bed,
But it was my safest of places,
But I remember laying down one night,
Oh I was still full of fright,
I asked openly,
"Why God? why me? Why?! Allow me to die already please."
"If the boogie man is real let him take me! Anyone please help me!"
But all there was,
There was nothing but silence as I cried and fell asleep.
Then as time went on I would see out of the corner of my eye a shadow following me it felt like,
and unfortunately one night after months of not saying anything,
I lost the life inside of me,
I hurt and the pain was great,
I won't go in great details of that day,
He dragged me into my room an said" I wish you would just die already like that trash you tried to say was mine"
He left me on the floor bleeding out,
As blood was draining out,
Some flowed to under my bed,
The darkness got colder and some how darker.
Suddenly a hand came out,
" I have come non believer"
And slowly a body figure came out,
But I didn't care,
As I lay there,
"So sad, you human wouldn't believe"
Suddenly a hand touched my face gently
"The child is lost and looks like you will be too soon"
"What now will you do? I have come but all to late to punish you"
Dull and numb my eyes look up but couldn't see but a figure crouched in front of me.
"I-I don't know what to do. Just let me die then he will be punished for what he did"
Suddenly a smile sharper then any shark teeth grew, in the darkness,
"Oh child, he will be punished. But your time has not come. You will be healed and sent out to tell my tale"
Suddenly my numb body was floating and placed on the bed.
"I don't understand, why? Why cant I be at peace"
I demand as my body was feeling heavier by the second.
"I am the boogie man, I scare young children."
"I am not a child. I am not scared of you, because that in there is worse then anything anyone could ever know"
Suddenly I felt the scratchy old covers my body. My eyes never adjusting to the figure in front of me.
Probably to much brain trauma or bleeding out to much.
" Oh hush child and listen. I maybe what scares humans at night, but there is a reason for the fright"
I was suddenly feeling warmer instead of being colder.
Eyes heavy
"I will ask again, what now will you do?"
My whole body's pain so inflamed,
Was slowly getting better,
" I-I don't know what to do. He must be punished for what he has done. I just don't know how."
" I will make you a deal, listen to my tale and pass it along but in return you will also have to suffer, not physical pain but mentally. For what I have planned for him I have to make this deal. For what you are asking is a sin."
A gentle pat and slight rub..
was he patting and rubbing my head? I question myself.
"I will take that sin, I will listen to your tale."
That sharp smile in the dark grin got bigger and bigger.
"Alright child I will heal some of your wounds so you won't die. I will tell my tale and someone else is going to wish to die"
I just kept feeling warmer and warmer the pain was slowly still going away.
"I once was human just like you. I am the priest who became corrupted and preyed on children's fear. Oh it was splendid, because I took the fear from children who wouldn't listen. I wanted to keep them from making bad choices. But when I passed I couldn't go anywhere. I suddenly saw time pass by those children used me as a way to keep their children from breaking rules. I enjoyed the power it gave me. I have been dead for very long time. I have been given many different names. But I stayed the same. I am still a priest at heart and have seen many in justice to children. †And I finally had enough but I can only do so much. So yes, I still have a heart. But my tale is going to have to be cut short. The child you have lost tonight and yourself has allowed me to enter into the physical world but not for long. I will do something that is a sin but you must also carry."
The voice finally came to a close.
My eyes are so heavy.
I drift off to the nightmares
I awoke to the door open,
Slowly getting up I still felt pain but nothing close to last night.
I walked into the house and found nothing wrong. Which was strange because it was destroyed last night.
Holding onto my stomach I called out to my tormentor. No response.
I found his cellphone and called to go to the hospital and told another lie
Days went by nightmares still haunting me.
But I have yet to see Zack ever again
No one remember who he was not even his own mother.
I fled to this day I still remember him and the scars he left me. The flashback are still with me.
But I also have a constant shadow following me. And his name is the boogie man.
I still tell his short tale to anyone who will listen.
Author's Note
Okay this is mixing with fantasy and little life. It was quick write. But be honest
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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