Jade Pandora

For months I have been wondering if Jade is gone. We are/were and will forever be good friends.
I have tried calling he but her phone numbers are disconnected.  
It has now been exactly one year since she last signed on dup. 365 days gone by and I miss her terribly.
I have reached out to others here on dup that I know were friends with her but no one knows any more than me. Hepcat is also gone and he was as close or perhaps closest of all here on dup.
I imagine he no longer can bear to come here.  
I have recordings of of hours long phone conversations. She was such a wonderful and warm person. For those who participated in her many poetry competitions here in the forums, you know what a big and enjoyable part of her life poetry was.  
It seems an odd coincidence that I signed on today and the first thing that came on screen was Jades profile.  
I will never forget you Jade! .
I am of course speaking of her in the past tense because I must conclude that she has passed.
Jade had some ongoing health issues that we talked about quite frequently. So it had been a concern for the many years we had been friends. A couple of months ago I had been thinking about her because my tenth anniversary of being a dup member came up and I was thinking about all of the poets I have come to know here, how many of you are amoung thos I consider friends beyond dup and who I am friends with on facebook. But some have gone beyond life itself. Jade may or may not be one of those who are friends even in the afterlife, whatever that may be, but I grieve her loss in my heart and soul because what else can I do?
If Jade were still with us I know that she would not have decided to simply cut ties so completely and suddenly. So I will do my best to accept that she is now writing poetry in Heaven, whatever that may be, or wherever that may be.  
If you can read this message Jade, know that you are loved and remembered!!!
Written by Poetryman
Published | Edited 11th Oct 2021
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