Dear Black Woman

I know how hard it is,
I walk right alongside you,
I know you’re depressed,
I know the stress,
I know how it manifests
& shows up in your “attitude”.
Got trauma in your womb,
Not even your own…
Seeping right on down,
Deep into your bones…
But you better not show it!
My, Black woman,
You’re so strong!

Dear Black Woman,
I see you…
Pushing on, despite the mental health,
Despite being so damn tired,
You still get up and do it,
Because if not you then who else?
Who else will pave the way?
Who else would they imitate,
Who else do they want to be?
Not knowing how hard it is to be WE.

Black mothers raising kids alone,
Because our men have been re-wired
To be studs and nothing more,
Caused generations of broken homes:
So much we have to stand for
So much piled on.
So much anxiety passed along
From the mothers before us
Forced to be strong,
Forced to submit,
And have their bodies taken,
Not respected as their own.

Dear Black Woman,
I can feel your ache,
I too share the burden,
Heavy on my plate,
I too try and hide it away…
Because a Black woman’s anger must never be shown…
A black woman must keep her calm,
Keep her smile painted on…
Because the whole world expects us to

Just keep pushing,
And do it without a complaint,
Without a word,
Not even the smallest hint
That things may not be okay…
No one cares anyway,
No one knows why that Black woman is so mad…
No one ever stops to think that maybe she’s suffering…
But can’t stop to cry & be sad.

Dear black woman?
You should be revered.
Hey, black woman?
You have birthed the entire world!
My black sisters,
May you never forget your worth!
Written by Oslynray (Rosalyn)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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