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Clash Of The Titans

Within my sacred temple no one echoes a humbling sound    
Allow the spear from my arched bow never to reach solid ground      
Spitting the skin, the tip residing into pierced hearts      
Let thy fate comfort you as you close your eyes to find everlasting peace in eternal dark      
My dagger I kiss before the plunge      
Death and destruction I seek and slay for thy wicked of acidity tongues      
The balance of life and death, balanced between my nostrils as I rise      
My spirit found in the roar of the kill bringing instant demise      
Debaucheries in the guilt ridden, sins of begotten laws devours the ideology of man      
Purity shall be the lure, the length of my sword, labored breaths, no more in the Creator’s image feet to stand      
Thrones of grace I have taken down, mayhem on the battlefield bitterness found in thy fate      
Lay upon thy thistle’s sloth in slumber awaits      
Twas the bed of laying in the winter of sorrows      
Humanity’s tear falls on the white petals of the crying rose of tomorrows      
Shall be by the murder of crows      
Civilization sleeps on the vengeance of Goddess Enyo      
Greek Gods seek council under the ruse of my fatal weapons      
War path journeyed, blades lifted to cries to parry, joust      
Battles witnessed by the quiet windows of Heaven      
Resounding approaching horses navigated by galloping chariots    
Sweat and death now the regality of my warring gifts where you shall beat it         
Upon your land, thievery, the stench of loss permeating your homelands      
Into the night, I come, no one to hear the footsteps, deafening clash to clash      
Taking comfort ridden standing authority never to live to rehash      
Never to lessen life by the divinity of thirty-nine lashes      
In ancient Greek mythology, Enyo was the goddess of war and destruction. She is connected with Ares who was the war god. Enyo was usually shown as the sister and companion for Ares the God of war. Sometimes she was called the “Sister of War” or the “Sacker of Cities.” Her role was going into battle alongside her brother Ares. She was the daughter of the powerful Greek God Zeus and his wife Hera, the goddess of marriage.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I had to incorporate this next wicked Mythology Goddess #4 for my five Goddesses of Halloween feast. Greek Goddess Enyo was a element in the magnification of war and destruction. She never initiated the battles, yet, she somehow became the focal point of them. She was a superior goddess, if I must admit

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