Kyrsten Sinema - Anything but smart. A weirdo trading on her own account!

By Stanley Collymore  
Predictably hateful, ignorant
and basically inured selfish
conduct by a distinctively  
lousy self-centred, sexual weirdo  
and purportedly when she feels  
like it, an Arizona senator with  
a rather graspingly avaricious  
penchant and also thoroughly  
commited obsession, actually  
for generating, lots of money.  
The solitary question arising  
from Kyrsten Sinema, really  
on each monetary occasion,  
not one of is it dirty money  
or, where does it distinctly  
come from but reflexively  
on Kyrsten Sinema's  bent  
and mercenary part, how  
much cash, will I receive  
for what you want me to  
really, be doing for you?  
Morals like a sewer rat; integrity  
disgustingly lacking; principles  
distinctively unheard of; while  
empathy re those she looks down  
on crucially non-existent. Hardly  
surprising therefore Ms Kyrsten  
Sinema essentially doesn't have  
a solitary care in the world for  
any such persons when safely  
her basic concern,  other than  
each matter of conveniently  
sexually pleasuring herself  
by either males or females  
venally rakes in big bucks  
from dodgier lobbyists on  
the actual behalf of super  
corporations plus totally  
special interests groups;  
themselves vitriolically  
against crucial care for  
needy people, likewise  
also anything else that  
would really improve,  
however significantly  
so their rather visibly  
critical, life situation.  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
1 October 2021.  
Author's Remarks:  
Pigs, snouts and troughs readily come to mind when the likes of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are concerned. Self-serving and intellectually challenged prats, pretending to be conscientious senators but in reality doing the opposite, from two of the poorest states in the USA; yet in their so highly and graspingly avaricious, self-indulgence, self-interestedly making millions of dollars from lobbyists working on behalf of their corrupt corporate masters and friends, while ensuring that the genuinely poor and needy in the states they electorally represent stay in the insidious penury they're in through no fault of their own; but a situation that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema don't give a toss about!  
Be deceived if you voters idiotically want to be, but there's not a shred of integrity, morality or basic humanity where these two pillocks Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are concerned. Pretentiously, disingenuously and dishonestly claiming to be not in favour of running up a national debt when it comes to actually helping people who urgently need help, while without the same constraints on themselves when it comes to significantly vote for and assisting these same exceedingly wealthy corporate companies to massively reduce their legal and moral tax requirements to the country and people whom they're callously and egregiously bleeding as these said companies and those who run them willingly shunt their Ill-gotten gains into off shore bank accounts and tax evasion schemes, speaks volumes.  
Weirdo Kyrsten Sinema - uncertain whether she's a woman or man so she literally "loves" them both - and Joe Manchin actually make the historical likes of Adolf Hitler, Goebbels and Benito Mussolini look, in retrospect, like good and beneficient guys. In reality this duo of Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are exceedingly worse, as unlike Hitler, Goebbels and Mussolini, they earnestly pretend to be what they self-evidently aren't! And as for this Conservative tag they're wearing and egregiously pushing relative to themselves, genuinely interpret that as redneck racist, Fascist and Nazi. But if you, their voters, are happy with that, then asininely keep voting for then, as in such a circumstance it wouldn't just be them but you as well who'd be pathetically sad losers! And when you next cast your votes do stop for a minute before you do and remember that this is the 21st Century, not the 20th Century and specifically the 1930s! The sensible alternative however is to unceremoniously kick these charlatans out and resolutely keep them out of public office!  
Liz Cheney is a genuine Conservative and also a member of the Republican Party; so don't  idiotically confuse jerks like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema,  who conveniently and self-servingly label themselves as conservatives, with a thoroughly commendable, distinctively moral and principled lady of the unquestionable calibre of Liz  Cheney; as it's a gross insult not only to Liz Cheney but also all similarly decent and highly principled Americans to do so; and is as ill-judged to  do so, as asininely suggesting that Donald J Drumpf should become Pope.  
In marked contrast Liz Cheney knows instinctively what is fundamentally right and basically wrong and lives by these innate commendable human principles; Donald J Drumpf and his treacherously so-called Democratic Party acolytes - Democrats in name only (DINO) - Joe Manchin and weirdo Kyrsten Sinema characteristically don't, and wouldn't have a clue where to start; as they're so fundamentally unprincipled!  
To reiterate what I said earlier Liz Cheney knows what's right and what's wrong and the difference between the two of them; similarly what the US Constitution is all about and why it's there; and also specifically what was, and still is wrong with her Republican Party and its Big Lie protestations championed by Donald J Drumpf: a Nazi, white supremacist aficionado; wannabe USA dictator; coup plotter; insurrectionist, criminally disposed and demented  bogus patriot - happy to defend the USA to the last drop of other people's blood  but never his own  - 6 times a cowardly draft dodger; and characteristically so, a pathetically sick and sore loser now as he has been throughout the entirety of his utterly useless life!  
But Liz Cheney who'll forever remain a beacon of inspiration not only for the USA but also the world generally long after hopefully Covid-19 or whatever other inimical disease have decimated and thankfully disposed of insidiously pernicious charlatans of the ilk of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, staunchly stood up, and still resolutely and commendably does so, against her political party; not walking away from the challenges they damnably and illegally presented her with, but with courageous integrity took them on; fighting for the US Constitution and de facto the inherent rights of the American people. Morality, integrity, and a plethora of other undeniable  top notch human qualities that neither money bags Joe Manchin nor weirdo Kyrsten Sinema, despite all their numerous and basically vacuous attention seeking statements know absolutely nothing about!  
Whether you're a Democratic Party member, belong to another party or none at all, you're an American resident and likely also a voter; and such self-serving, lying and disgustingly dishonest charlatans like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to whom money is everything and principles don't count or matter at all, don't belong in or justifiably should have any place whatsoever in public office. So to the Democratic Party I duly say kick them out; to the voters I repeat, it's your choice whether you have elected Representatives, of any kind, who actually care about your requisite interests and concerns, are themselves imbued with integrity and altruism or have yourselves cynically and contemptously used by graspingly financially avaricious jerks like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema playing you, the voters, for the fools they derisively see you as.  
God Bless America; Liz Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, the progressive elements in the Democratic Party and across the rest of the USA for standing your ground; and God Bless yourselves also for taking a courageous stance for a crucially and genuinely better, authentically equal and similarly a naturally meritocratic United States of America.  
Personally, I pose this relevant question: you sensibly wouldn't put the identical likes of a British Jimmy Savile or an American Jeffrey Epstein in charge of a kids kindergarten, would you? So why then entrust the likes of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema with your every day life! Trust me, the analogy is the same! The one beneficial difference being that Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein are thankfully now dead, but not soon enough. But we can fervently and earnestly hope that where their current replicas are concerned, their deaths will be expedited. In the meantime, God Save America!
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