Garden Delight

Garden Delight
  “Hey, this is a garden store. Are you sure you are in the right business?”
     “Yes, I gave up the burrito dance with all its Freudian implications for a gig here with flowers and all the romantic vibes that we women love.”
     “You are the prettiest flower in this garden center.”
     “Before we get all mushy and nostalgic please tell me what you are looking for.”
     “We’ll a purple haze bush would do me lovely. But I am not hard to please.”
     “Seeing you here alive and breathing during this resurgence of Covid brings me indescribable joy.”
     “Finding you in the pink of health gives me the most delicious happiness. We are like two veterans of romance. But can you forgive me for moving and leaving you at the restaurant? Do you still think I got bored with you back at the restaurant? The college girls near my new place can’t hold a candle to you. You are everything this man could want.”
     “Oh please, don’t break my heart again. Let’s search for that purple haze of the heart we left behind and follow wherever the trail might take us.”
     “With you as my guide, I can’t go wrong.”
     “Well, what do you think of this one?”
     “It looks a little weather-worn.”
     “Do you mean like me? Do I seem haggard to you?”
     “Never, thy summer is eternal like the sun.”
     “Even the sun eventually fades. Please come up with a better comparison.”
     “Thou art Aphrodite whose beauty is immortal.”
     “Much better, Mr. John. Now, petal-power doesn’t seem in our favor today. Let me show you something that may be more to your liking.”
     “What is this strange object you present me?”
     “It is a buttocks relaxer. For after those long mornings of crouching and bending in your garden. At least I guess that is why my boss has it here for sale.”
     “Well, I never. But maybe I should. Can I try it before buying it? I mean I’ve never come across a muscle relaxer designed specifically for the derriere.”
     “Indeed, not only is that a good idea, I insist you try it. If you like I can do the honors of showing you the best technique.”
     “Do you want to use it on me out here where the customers can see?”
     “I think the room where the garden furniture is would be better. We can lock the gate there so as not to give customers the wrong impression.”
     “This area is more secluded. What position should I take to receive my treatment?”
     “See that recliner built for two? Lie down there with me and with this widget, I’ll melt your tension away.”
     “Shall I speak or remain silent?”
     “You sure better talk. Tell me how beautiful I am. You never did that at the taco joint but it is about time.”
    “Your hair is more luxuriant than the beauties of Marrakesh.”
     “Only of that lovely city? Please choose more Moroccan lovelies to be prettier than.”
     “The tresses of your silken majesty are softer than the moonlit maidens of Fez, Casablanca, Tangiers, or even the Blue City.”
     “That is a lot of women. Now I need you to shower my face with kisses.”
     “Is that how you like it? Your locks brushing my face are like the tickle of a nymph’s magic strands.”
     “Swim in my hair young man. Bask in the silk of my sensuality.”
     “What about the vibratory device for my derriere?”
     “I forgot it doesn’t come with batteries. But my hands have the electric power to stimulate you.”
Written by goldenmyst
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