British GPs - Absolutely sick to death of them!

By Stanley Collymore

British GPs are themselves
for the most part nothing  
more than likely failed  
so-called "specialists". Literally Jack
of all trades and clearly masters of
none. Furthermore the older they  
get, the more intensely workshy  
they become, as evidently they  
can realistically manage to be.
Significantly, in the course of  
their discernibly graspingly  
avaricious; so perniciously  
pathetic and duplicitously  
ineffectively useless lives
they generally work half  
days, rather customarily  
at most,  in their normal  
local practice, but aptly  
as odiously befits these  
distinctly disreputable  
grifters, decidedly full  
time in a distinctively  
more prestigious and  
financially becoming  
fitting private health  
safety environment.

As actually basic health care  
isn't remotely these clearly  
sick and twisted GP's own  
raison d'etre for existing but very  
significantly, for the majority of  
them, earning as much money  
as they possibly can; because  
they're largely and crucially  
as specifically an egregious  
and dishonest ensemble of  
odious, snake oil, pushing  
con men and women that  
one could actually locate  
in the 21st Century aptly  
amply aided and totally  
abetted, by their risibly  
farcically labelled: just
as rabidly; discernibly  
decidedly, unethically  
bent; and likeminded  
control organisation:
the laughably British  
Medical Association!

And when they're not directly  
grifting cash for themselves  
as is so demonstrably their  
customary wont; these rather vile,
avaricious con artistes,  distinctly  
and so basically absolutely akin
to the cronyism and distinctive  
nepotism very interconnected  
with wanton, social climbing  
and acquiescent sycophancy.
This, attendant with usually  
wishing to be often seen on
the golf course; where else
you may well ask of them?

And while self-diagnosis,
which is what most of
these GPs are really  
now advocating to the average  
NHS patient, is never likely a
cure for these patients own  
ailments; in many ways, it
is a much more qualified  
response crucially; than  
what they'll constantly  
ever get from the vast
bunch of these vilely  
evilly; avaricious and  
current; abhorrent  
venal GP, morons.  

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
24 September 2021.

Author's Remarks:  
Anyone who believes that the current British NHS with its quite distinctive plethora of undeniable cronyism and nepotism sycophants and, essentially, additionally attendant with the same kind of committed, multiple hangers on and subservient acolytes and all of this thoroughly replete with a surfeit of discernibly, graspingly avaricious and not in the least unsurprisingly in several cases significantly criminally disposed, self-serving and noticeably hubristically social climbing GPs is good value for money, quite seriously needs to rethink; if at all capable, that us, of any such thing!

For they're the same sort of generally brainwashed, braindead and clearly also intellectually challenged morons who similarly believed, and still do, that Maggie Thatcher and her Tory regime - excitedly and also fervently supported by the odious element in the Labour Party I've long labelled as the "Labtories": distinctly not Labour but far more rightwing  than the average rightwing Tories- selling off the exceedingly profitable mental hospitals with their valuable farms,  orchards, well utilized and enormously popular cottage industries and other very impressive infrastructure: like Clifton Hospital on the outskirts of the City of York where I trained as an RMN, to their intimately in bed with, metaphorically and quite literally, corporate friends.  

The disingenuous; totally dishonest; outright lying; blatantly lame; and, of course, wholly unconvincing  but all the same publicly given reason was that the patients in these hospitals could be better and more economically cared for in the outside community. That in reality was never ever going to happen and I distinctly and realistically say that as a former RMN and SRN trained nurse who by that time, thankfully, had long left the NHS for the world of Academia. And the sheer preponderance of lunatics out in the public and currently infesting Britain most irrefutably proves my point!

Lying does come rather instinctively to most, although not all, politicians l, but British politicians and their advisers: more fittingly so clearly criminally disposed sycophants, no different from those that work for the hereditary Windsor mafia Klan, and that unreservedly includes those in the NHS, have really mastered this quite egregious and obnoxious art form.

In fact, it was the said NHS that I not only previously worked in but also continuously paid my full National Insurance (NI) contributions into,  and not only because it's the law and one if working is obligated to do so, but also because the NHS was, and still is, an altruistic concept that I wholeheartedly believe in and always will do so. And even when subsequently as an Academic I quit the English educational system, so-called, at the start of the 1980s to move to Germany,  because I wanted no part of the systemic dumbing down I saw coming in this purported English educational system and, quite frankly and honestly, is a decision I've never regretted or ever likely to do so!  Anyway, although in Germany, I still continued to  voluntarily pay my NI contributions to the UK 's NHS because of the altruistic reasons I outlined earlier. And this despite the fact that I didn't have to as Pi wad actually living and working in Germany.

Moreover,  as a resident and employee in Germany I similarly paid my own NI contributions there; and also in gratitude for my cultural upbringing and likewise too my formative education there, to my very cherished and beloved Barbados as well, which itself has an excellent NHS: universal and also freely available at the point of entry to anyone who is of Bajan ancestry, irrespective of where they were born or actually live; and regardless of whether as an overseas Barbadian they had financially made any NI contributions to the Barbados NHS.

So as a EU citizen and likewise a Barbadian one also, I don't need to employ my British citizenship, acquired at birth if any or all of you inured and bastardized without known fathers, white racists are wondering about that, in tandem with my very significant UK, NI payments to legally access my due entitlement to any British NHS treatment or any other NHS services for that matter; since it's all mine by right, just as you scroungers who pay nothing into the system as you're permanently on the dole, like to claim the NHS as your own. Ironic or what? But I don't use OUR NHS as it's now essentially crap and bears no resemblance to the one I once proudly worked in!

And I say this with a heavy heart. As several Barbadian and similarly other Windrush British citizens have quite commendably and rather unselfishly contributed altruistically to the British NHS; as several Afro-Caribbeans currently still do, although they're still not in 2021 rewarded in the same manner, despite their impeccable and impressive qualities and qualifications, professionally or even financially as their white, and not infrequently less qualified or suitably competent, colleagues or counterparts are.

Barbadians of their own personal volition quit Britain in their droves and were very readily snapped up by the USA and Canada, among other countries, while others returned home to Barbados in the wake of Enoch Powell's racist "Rivers of Blood" rant in his concerted and rather cynically hypocritical bid to become the new leader of the Tory Party; a sick endeavour on his part in terms of the contents of his odiously racist rant, that was itself  totally fervently and rabidly endorsed by the British trade unions and braindead acolytes; sycophants to their own perceived social betters,  and basically too dimwitted, brainwashed and clearly intellectually challenged to see let alone acknowledge that Enoch Powell, a hardline Tory demagogue, didn't give a toss about any of them, and was just using them all for his own self-centred, narcissistic, racist and essentially political purposes and ambitions. But who ever said, or is ever intelligently likely to say, that in general UK trade Union leaders and their easily manipulated acolyte membership constitute the sharpest knives in the proverbial box?

The irony too in all of this was that the said Enoch Powell was one of the UK's government ministers who at the end of World War 2 went to the Caribbean to personally implore those who had fought, altruistically risked their lives and equally lost many friends in the process of doing so, fight for Britain in all branches of the UK's Armed Forces as well as the convoy ships perilously having to contend with the formidable German U-Boats as these convoys they were an essential part of, courageously and daringly  routinely endeavoured to bring vital food and other necessary supplies and oil to a very beleaguered Britain, to expeditiously return to Britain postwar, bring their families with them, and all for the primary purpose of helping to rebuild the rather euphemistically labelled as well as emotionally called by these entreaters like Enoch Powell the "Mother Country".  

In response these Afro-Caribbean the ethnic kith and kin of myself  and others like me, as well as several of my own family members and friends, rather honourably complied. And accordingly the Windrush Generation was initiated. And the entire conscionable world knows what subsequently happened to them all - and is still currently going on as I write - after they'd admirably assisted in getting Britain back on its feet again and were now therefore seen as and likewise just as contemptibly dealt with by these inured racists who infest the UK, as surplus to requirements.

And leading the current charge against them is a discernibly Useful Idiot: a Coconut and damnably egregious Stockholm Syndrome, sick and utterly twisted Margaret Thatcher aficionado and UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel;  blatantly doing her racist best, this odious scum, to adversely and illegally stymie the quite lawfully entitled compensation payments legally awarded to these Windrush Generation victims, and which they should have long received, but evidently aren't at Prti Patel's behest and delaying tactics obviously not getting! Significantly, and Coconut Priti Patel knows this,  these Windrush Generation victims are elderly or very old now, and what Priti Patel is blatantly and repugnantly doing through her intentional and illegal  delaying tactics is hoping earnestly on her part that the advent of death for these Windrush Generation members will precede her very own odious and evilly, dilatorily dispensed payments.  

As for the British NHS as it currently is that's your problem,  not mine; nor am I going to make it mine. Yes, i've continuously paid into it all of my previous working life - but I don't  or shan't anymore - and with my entitlement to  German, EU and Barbadian health care and the British NHS in such a bloody, graspingly avaricious by all the key players and most of the GPs in it and a hugely incompetent mess, quite realistically why should I bother? Essentially throughout my enormously fulfilled and productive life I've encountered a plethora of diverse experiences that are absolutely exhilarating as well as unforgettable. Two among the myriad of them I'll mention here because of their appropriate nature.

Observing sharks in a feeding frenzy in the Atlantic Ocean and piranhas doing the same in their natural habitat in South America. And fixated by the distinctly brutal and quite thorough viciousness then of both these sets of predators, I'm emboldened to quite honestly say that the actions of these aquatic creatures make the distinctly consummately predatory; graspingly avaricious and evidently, criminally disposed activities of those in charge of and running the British NHS, look in close observation and marked contrast, decidedly principled!
Written by Academic
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