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Bowing In Humbly Grace

To the consolation of the mortal man
Never to touch or kiss mystique ordained by God’s hand
Benediction mantras to the winds such fallacies to hammer of thy head
The tabernacle of annihilation where Angels never fear to tread
Wallowing in the entanglement conscious
Wishing for the scented lavender of compassion, love, and beauty in my intellectual bed
Rosary beads, amulets, crowns of grandeur, wings of regal crest
The hands of sacredness upon a time I was uplifted to the skies
Given back to the earth, Mother Nature’s echoes soothing the night from the wiles of a child
My forebears inculcated in the universe coveted by compassion from my infant cries

An enigma, a puzzle, a maze through divinity’s reprieve
My heart masked for the benevolence to Mary Magdalene, Mother Teresa, and Joan of Arc upon the world for which we grieve
Words of comfort who you see never to deceive
Blessed by thy presence thy will shall be done
Given by the Father sanctioned by the resurrection of the Son
The passage of apathy I am blinded when hearts come to see, feel, or uprise in the harm of its need
Your ideology to see wonders not fully grasped by a microscope with the naked eye to ever perceive
I am faith as I stand in light and truth of that tiny mustard seed
In life one must never communicate the core of soul and the hemispheres of the mind to embark in triviality of ignorance
Utterance in disparity from perceptions, degradations, the error of ways is not upon a pretense to dispense

I am, therefore, I will always be thee to please, appease
When I tease desire arises for an awakened touch in as much
North, South, East, West to tenderly kiss the taste of surrender off my lips
No daughter of the darkness shall ever be commemorated in me from the hair strands to the sway of my seductive hips
In the cathedral of death, as you pray for eternal rest
The trinity of your life has already prophesized as in God we trust

Heaven shall witness of its great embrace  
Knots of rapture entwined as wool and lace  
Thy kiss to arouse from succulent bliss
Angels and Muses gives weary respite with empathy of earthly reminisce  
In the realm between such sweet bereavement and life as it departs  
Immoralities hang in the balance of life, the spiritual alliance preparing its divinity part  
The beckoning of trumpets, horns  
Archangel Gabriel, the messenger to relieve the burdens of the mental unadorned  
The Creator’s will to ordain its mentality of its reborn  
Archangel Michael, ensues the relent of your will to battle on  
A soulful hymn echoing of its song  
Resuscitating breaths lingers as the night is long  
Reversing the hands of times, as deific intervention have never met  
Passion, desires, emotions lost, as never felt  
A true giver of much delight  
I replace carnage with love on Earth as in Heaven, with the last breath you breathe, your noted last rites  
Reincarnated in time to soar as wings are finally given by the highest spiritual degree
My temple will always fly free
Always give comfort to heal, shed light for the lost looking to be free
Signed with the lineage of my Creole blood and adopted of my creed  
Kismet Karma now beautifully flees

To the winds of now
My faith I solemnly bow
Aeolus bend unto me before I bring the raging wind storms
Ankhiale’s winds to kept humanity’s sheets warm
Boreas heart instills the element frozen thy conscious in immorality’s cold
I am the sacred scroll the Romans have concealed in vaults, yet, only God truly knows

Rise my Titans shelter in nakedness the arrogance of the crooked spear’s tip
No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper, it’s God’s gift
Hieroglyphics never to bruise thy heel only to blind the cloth and entertain the fool
Bowing in respect to the four winds of Heaven, nature only vengeful tools
Eyes wide shut to be given the chance to have woven the angered winds of Belmod

The force of comfort, reason, ruins when the night resonates such wicked lullabies
Peace be still upon the sovereign ordained from the skies
No comfort of ‘reaping the whirlwind’ shall befall, or abide
Heart, mind, body and soul unto the breeze where my whispers softly reside

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.

James Madison
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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