GB News - Risibly Brexit TV and a desperate wannabe US Fox News!

By Stanley Collymore  
Andrew Neil and the distinctly    
comical, crucially and clearly    
purportedly quite asininely    
termed GB News have individually and collectively crucially become a
laughing stock. Quite a discernibly
delusional group, of intellectually    
challenged, Nazi alt right, Fascist    
and, totally too, this additionally    
so consciously embedded racist    
and solidly inured xenophobes,  
with those, pulling their chains    
evidently having more money    
than the usual commonsense;  
pandering to a quite tiny part    
of British society that they all  
ludicrously; poorly informed    
and totally, stupidly thought  
was significantly larger than  
it basically is; and moreover    
that without a doubt, Covid-    
19 and particularly its Delta    
Variant are, truly thankfully    
and effectively, wiping-out!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
21 September 2021.  
Author's Comments:    
No news really from the thoroughly disingenuous and so-called GB News. Simply a dysfunctional ensemble of old or middle aged white, disgruntled, intellectually challenged, one trick pony talking heads ranting on incessantly, and happily unvaried for them, in respect of their distinctively excruciatingly dull subject material from inside their encamped in echo chambers, about their delusional and perceived conception of the "woke" - take that to actually mean Black or other people of colour and their meritocratic drive for  equality and success  - threat to these GB News pillocks actual and unadulterated, inured racism; odious xenophobia; intense and an obsessive hatred of immigrants: unless these immigrants are white and perceived to be of allegedly Anglo-Saxon origin; or else very strikingly and stinkingly rich Arabs plastered in oil money, as well as expatriate, graspingly thieving from their own fellow Russians, Russian billionaire oligarchs.  
And all this staunchly in tandem with their stalwartly and deeply ingrained royalist and hereditary elites sycophancy that these GB News nerds are clearly conjoined with in their entrenched 20th Century mindset Nazi, far and alt right, Fascist and a voraciously rabid, white supremacist political dogma; but all of which they persistently carry on, like the noxious but cowardly prats that they essentially are, fervently and distinctively bigotedly living in their purposely lying and cocooned state of repeated denial thereof.  
And as for GB News wanting to be a facsimile of USA Fox News; that's not much of a meritorious aspiration is it?  
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