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Image for the poem Mm.. Craving The Soft Whispers Of His Hard Paradise

Mm.. Craving The Soft Whispers Of His Hard Paradise

Silken passion  
Bodies slipping and sliding    
Into a fountain of essence  
Binding lust, blind trust    
Hold onto me, please    
Take my body to the realm of the fifth dimension    
The blessing of our physiques past the veil of pleasure  
Hearts, minds in a beautiful cosmic suspension  
Kiss me so tender, mm… kiss me so sweet    
My curvaceous body in the throne of kismet karma where undulated souls shall finally meet    
Wisps of caressing ecstasy, decorating the canvass of his silken sheets    
The touch of rapture felt, erratic pulses, combining bodies making me softly melt    
The stairwell to Heaven’s door, heightened touches we begin    
Inch by inch his erection darting out, clenching him the deeper he goes within    
Love staining the quantum leap of silhouette souls    
Tasting undulated passion, love sounds echoing of a beguiling dance of old  
The extension of his virility, hungrily thrashing    
My legs holding his body hostage unto me, fingernails imbedding, urging the submission of his carnal lashing    
Closer than most, beckoning to make me complete, fusing us as one    
Twisted the fables of domination spooning his erection to get more of that honeyed butter rum    
My temple, unto him I give, flipping me, straddling his hard seeking kingdom    
Silken rainfalls onto his thunderous spirit, whispers of reassurance to my ears, sending    
Locked into the core of my wet supplication, our physiques perfectly blending    
Palming my breasts, pleasing me  
His girth traveling deeper into the passage of lust as his body tease    
Oh yes…yes… I feel him pulsate, my sugar walls milking the anticipate as it slowly seeps    
Throwing my head back    
My cunt up and down the length  
Panting, breathless, spent  
Palms on his muscular hairy chest, oiling the elongation of that mmm…tower  
His grunts, my sultry moans, parting my abyss, in the midnight hour  
Leaning down kissing his nipple, under his chin, his lips taking control of mine  
Gyrating meeting the thrust of his upward grind  
His lustful pursuit bathing all up in my juicy fruit  
In and out sliding  
Creamy sensations, his arousal peaking, mm... our love sound coinciding  
Up and down, my trickles losing ground  
Jumping off his erection, dragging my tongue down, tasting my creamy coat on the tip  
Oh I love to hear his.. sss and then the exclamation of, “oh shit as my tongue slurps all over the helmet of his dick  
Quickly easing my dewiness back on his hard bone  
Holding my hips, hammering my pelvis into his groan  
Laying down on him to brings that burst of satisfaction home  
His mighty hands, palming my back, cupping my buttocks  
My thighs parting, honing the width, our lips lock  
Moaning behind the intoxicating feeling, his mouth to my neck, passion mark, branding me to console  
My ass he’s shaking, his dick snaking, my pussy melting, caving  
Mm… resting my forehead against the offering of his bliss  
Lip to lips  
Hiding in his passion my buttocks steadily flapping    
Mingled sweat pockets between our bodies, his tongue to my nipples, softly lapping    
My moans subdued, love bites, marred in the heighten of ecstasy, overruled    
Winded, yet famished, body weakened by your carnal food    
Oh God… Oh God…hitting my g-spot, the extension of  his soul fulfilling me each way it moves    
Deeper as it grooves, my nectar feening that gushing rush only he can soothe  
Mm… and there goes the streams of his darting drips  
Wrapping his arms about my back, thrusting, shooting deep inside my pussy that releasing bliss  
Back arched, cunt cresting  
If anyone can imagine the feeling when entwined souls cum together  
Bodies, trembling, labored breathing, in the wetness of gratification now resting  
Pulling the covers up over us.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 21st Sep 2021
Author's Note
The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.

Neil Gaiman
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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