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A Poetic Disaster Measured On A National Scale

Hum... I bet you think these words are catered for you  
If you do, then I will gladly commence the mind of the fool  
Wasn’t you blocked a long time ago  
Still stirring in my intelligent mix and trying to keep up with my poetic flow  
You need to relax those pasted on eyebrows
If not, I can always snatch then off and then show you how  
You got your pug nose all up in the air as if anyone fucking care  
Envious of who, or should I say ‘it and what’  
Just another failure in society to boot, who apparently likes to kiss all up on her on ashen butt  
You been sleeping on that damn carpet too long  
For a weak ass seed you birthed by jumping on a jackass’ bone  
You talk like you really the shit  
No, just a pale ass oops from your trifling hoeish mothers’ womb waited to get a straight fist  
Witch? As they say, always better to be one than to look like one  
What do you need jackal… are you starving for my attention… then I will give it to you  
Then mental bleed your GED intellect like you menstruating from the heart and still shine like a jewel  
I got a license and a degree to study and correct dark minds  
No matter how it’s done it will be on my time  
I never make excuses for who I am  
Educate, spiritual, intellectual, and for you, very sexual oriented from where I stand  
Not hatched from a land of illusion, dwelling in mental confusion, coming off like a man down under  
Let me see your ID  
Hum... you could certainly pass for one when you got a woman on her knees  
Isn’t this fun to hear the roar of my thunder  
We’re just now getting started... let the wraith of minds never asunder  
Click bitch, you now my bait... day by day waiting on the cosmic to predict your rude fate  
I’m twisted and mothafucking gifted  
Liberties of the tongue tossed out... mm… I will give your beastly ass something to really shoot about  
When I am on that ass, it will not be that slam, bam, thank you ma’am  
Beating you over the head with knowledge don’t you just love the plan  
I can care less about you, your words or your lame ass weaken rhymes  
You step up to bat with me your wretched ass is going down  
Fuck peace after you bring me war  
I will be in your ear you worthless piece of trailer trash, like I went down under and landed on your shore  
Bringing my feisty spirit while kicking in your back door  
Bend you over and let your dog sniff you, on my command, bite you until you beg for mercy and much more  
You will be my stigmata little pet, street creed and harshly felt  
Lashing your wrinkle looking skin with the truth from my welts  
Trying to be civil, to a certain point …has never been my game  
Not when an old ass looking hag with raccoon hair tries to be political, yet defame  
You so stupid to be disrespecting enlighten works of art on a social site with your vile uneducated views no doubt  
It appears to me like you have been missing a couple bars of soap, go wash that stinking looking ass up and then take it and rise out your mouth  
Stalking, trolling you… you are to me but a joke, you may wish  
Glamour up your ugly sitting presence, better yet, to keep readers from regurgitating use that much younger fake ass tit pic  
Mm… don’t hurt me now I’m new at this  
Yeah...  just like an assassin with the center of your forehead in my direct hit  
I would call you a woman, but that is still undecided at the moment  
My playing field is never leveled when on the hunt without relent  
You can take those French expletives and ram them far up your limp dick daddy’s ass  
The man who had a cold feeling in your creation, hum... you look like him, which tell me he was probably a fag  
You cannot even birth a nation from greatness from the abyss of your rotten stinking cunt  
Hey, I am just being upfront  
Bleeding himself just to escape his mother’s mental abuse  
A SheDevil who is lower than the gum sticking to the bottom of my shoe  
Times like this I have to apologize to others for my direct tone  
Maybe in the future quit ‘pretending’ like you a lady cause you been here long  
You mess with felinity you best take a seat  
I will tenderize you right before I stab you with your own pitchfork as your pitiful soul I greet  
You will be here for quite a while until ashes to ashes and your inbred children singing the hymns of you tainted presence being dropped six feet from your demise  
Wrong poetess to be sticking that sagging chest out and that is no lie  
A divine woman who is attuned as the night is long tooting like a wise owl, did I mention, you undesirable imbecile can burn while you choking on my smoke, while basking in my clout  
What a stupid and trilling ass old mistake you truly are... do come back now... wink
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 22nd Sep 2021
Author's Note
It is what it is...

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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