Day By Day

The fear had been there for awhile, but today it became a reality. Shortly after lunch you received a call to please come up front to the main office. You know the drill, you've given this speech a many times yourself. Business has slowed to the point it has become necessary to make some changes. Yes it's now necessary to place another head on the chopping block and unfortunately you had a bad roll of the dice. Maybe in a few weeks business will pick back up. If it does you'll be among the first to receive a callback to work. But you know better than this, why would they call you back at your current salary? They can hire someone at a lower salary and train them to do your job. But this is just one of a many problems now plaguing your mind. How do you explain to Boo that you're now in the unemployed line? That your life for now is living in search of failure. Waiting for hours on end for a job that will never sustain the two of you.  
You stop by the bar and while having a few drinks you call your, Boo. While explaining the situation, the two of you discuss how the bills will be paid. Everything is now broken down into order of necessity. Please stay away from steaks, only reasonable cuts of meat. You promise it won't get that bad, you'll find something soon. You also agree that you've had enough to drink and it's time to come on home. But on the way you can't stop the thoughts from flooding your head. How are you gonna pay all these bills? Will Boo look at you as any more less of a man. After pulling into the drive way, you sit in the car for a bit. Will Boo have a disappointed look on her face?  
But as soon as you turn around from closing the door she's standing right there in front of you. Looking just as young and fresh as she did when you first met. Life throwing the two of you together, simply to play play on a seesaw. Every since that day she's had a special place in your life. After handing you a drink she places both hands on your chest, pushing you against the door. While kissing you ever so deeply but tenderly, she removes and strokes your manhood. When did she develop such expertise? After withdrawing from my mouth, she went down on her knees. With small passionate kisses all over my head, she slid me into her mouth. Ooh the moisture, to be wrapped in the heat, her tongue dancing around the head as she orally worked you. This is so intense you remember the drink and gulp it down, she follows suit by gulping you down. To be in such tight quarters is dam near claustrophobic as she moves you around in her throat. She adds even more suction along with slob now pooling on the floor. You climb onto you toes, head butting the door, releasing with your all. You're simply amazed by the intensity that she brought about such a ball draining release  
She carefully zips you back up after promising more later on. She peck you on the lips and fixes you another drink. She tells you that dinner will be in a hour, she also remembers while walking away that your boss called. Seems he wants you back at work tomorrow, they are reassigning you to another department until things pick up
Written by I_IS_ME
Published | Edited 24th Sep 2021
Author's Note
This piece is really about a guy hearing the rumors of layoffs for awhile and finally being laid off. But there is a happy ending
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