Hereditary Mafia Dons and their bought, paid for and corrupt Charity Commission!

By Stanley Collymore

Charities are effectively and
deliberately big business!
Basically, rather highly  
paid executives and likewise too  
their accompanying staff. Many  
expenses galore; essentially as  
obligatorily as of right, usually  
nothing apart from first class  
standards too in everything;  
no questions asked of them.
Similarly no scrutiny is ever
exercised and distinctively  
no genuine accountability.  
This latter, absolutely not  
just basically disdainfully  
unlikely, but in the huge  
majority of all prevailing
charity organisations so
determinedly is actually
not even any permitted
word in their decidedly  
sick, manifestly twisted  
and noxious deceitfully
blatant, so avariciously  
just money vocabulary.  

And the hypocritical and  
rather consciously also
egregious part of this  
is that in effect the overwhelming  
majority of these UK charities do
very little indeed for the causes  
on whose behalf they blatantly  
and discernibly ostentatiously  
canvass your ostensibly hard  
earned cash so repugnantly  
cynically and clearly openly.  

(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
16 September 2021.

Author's Remarks:  
To the best of my knowledge no sentient and discernibly objective person - plenty of sycophants, fawningly brainwashed and similarly braindead trolls naturally, but no one among the preceding group of individuals that I categorically mentioned prior to them - has ever claimed or certifiably espoused the notion that the Windsor hereditary Klan members are relatively, far less so particularly bright.

And if Charles is pleading ignorance in relation to the irrefutably dodgy shenanigans going on in his charities, that feeling of a lack of intelligence and basic commonsense will only be categorically reinforced, and appropriately so, in the minds of sagacious human beings.

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