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Evolution Of Reincarnation (Three Year Anniversary Of Reposting)

Much needed spiritual rest  
Iíve returned to inspire the best †
Iíve looked over the mountaintop † †
Things Iíve witnessed will not allow the flow of my mind to stop † †
Iíve tasted hunger † †
Seen the lifeless look on the faces of whoremongers † †
Beauty gone, virginity robbed while they were so much younger † †
Money will no longer be evident in this life † †
Turmoil led by continuous strife † †
Implanted devices denial if not † †
The mark of the beast will mark its spot † †
Elements of mankind † †
Mentally strangled under the signs of times † †
Some people out of sight will be out of their mind † †
No Love and No Hugs † †
Zombies roaming the streets enslaved to manmade drugs † †
Society ruled by salvages and gun toting thugs † †
Iíve seen the blood of death † †
The poor begging crumbs from off the tables of wealth † †
The Have and Have Nots † †
Cameras with no morals screened as a hanging Gordian knot † †
Viewers hitting like buttons without a script without a plot † †
Seen in the eyes of everyone † †
Silent observations of delinquency without a microphone † †
Are we now reaping from what technology has sown † †
Society fighting for a fifteen minute spot in the limelight † †
Charity giving, snatched away by Mother Natureís cruel plight † †
Wandering sheep without a spiritual leader † †
I tell you all of this, and no Iím no mind reader or Sunday school teacher † †
† †
Spiritual attuned from a land so far away † †
It all started from my denial on Judgment Day † †
QRS complex waves mounting up † †
Flat lining in and out † †
Paddles of Life to heart electrocuted without a doubt † †
Between the gray areas of an elevated body † †
Past the Masonic Temples, the Christian doors and even higher than the hidden secrets of the Illuminati † †
My spiritual being has evolved as it roamed † †
Traveling fast to a blinding light of the unknown † †
Been here done this † †
Second time around more cryptic bullshit † †
† †
Excuse my phrase † †
But yet, Iím still mentally amazed † †
I write from remembrance to my Heavenly father to get this right † †
No time for sins no time for societyís political fights † †
Had He chosen the fiery road where would I be † †
Enteral Flames of Hell daily welcoming me † †
Now I have great days with living, giving and all † †
Thank goodness the bed of earth cushioned my heavenly fall † †
† †
Angels sighed we lost one again † †
Why does women and men deny eternal life over sin † †
This is where my spiritual awareness all begins † †
Iím coming straight from the heart † †
My soul, the essence of my perceptions, given as an initial start † †
Thoughts between here and there. † †
The place where your mind wanders, the place no one seems to care † †
† †
Heaven and Hell † †
On this earth one can never tell † †
I want my crown come this second time around † †
If Iím denied † †
For me, one step down † †
So, sit back, relax and allow me to engage your mind † †
From here to there, a land way before time † †
Have you ever said, Iíve seen this before † †
Iím your testimony to say itís your first life reconnecting from no divine rewards † †
No itís not Dťjŗ vu † †
Itís your soul trapped while your head still bowed † †
Godís punishment to you for your Commandments of disavowal † †
† †
Your body has resurfaced from a portal through minutes † †
Stay in this moment stay in it to win it † †
Godís words stated I must get this right † †
I hope through my words you will understand my emotional plight, while I never lose word of sight, as a person might † †
Although, it does occur at times, despite, that internal beam of spiritual light † †
† †
The crown of glory He begs to place upon our head † †
Sacred scriptures given intellectually somehow escapes the mind from what weíve just read † †
Iím sure my narratives will leave many thoughts of words unsaid † †
So, say your prayers before you get into bed † †
The subconscious is where the secrets lies † †
The pathway to our Creator and the mysteries behind the What, When, and the Whys †
I have been waiting patiently to repost this poem on this very day it was posted, I do hope you enjoy once again in its originality †  
2019-The Father †
2020-The Son †
2021-The Holy Spirit 09-15-21 †
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 16th Sep 2021
Author's Note
This is a repost... the original poem was posted on 09-15-2018 (Above Picture from Pinterest)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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