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To Touch You Again

Wish I could touch you again; feel your skin, your heartbeat under my cheek. I would run my fingertips over every part of your body trying to memorize it so I could draw it over and over in my mind each night.

To smell you again... I would inhale your scent.

If I could, I would kiss you with loving intensity. I would start off slowly brushing my lips on the smooth part of your cheeks, just above your facial hair. I'd kiss your closed eye lids.
Give you kisses on your lips until your lips awake to join mine in passion. Our mouths open touching as you press your tongue into my mouth. Mine moves into yours. We kiss slow and deep moving our heads side to side, up and down bumping noses a little. Our kisses heat up our bodies.

We're in a loving embrace, you'd have your arms around me caressing me with your strong hands. My hands would be massaging their way over your entire body. I'd move myself on top of you. Under the covers we'd learn the fragrance our bodies make combined.

I would slowly move my chest over your face so you could suck my nipples. I'd gently smash down on your face. You squeeze, lick, bite and suck long and gently. You feel my pubic hairs rubbing your skin where I'm planted on your torso. You have confirmation by the quiet noises I make that this is all so right. I move myself to kiss you some more. We kiss longingly.

So intimate and quiet but with strength you turn me over on my back. You move down my neck, my chest, you put your hands on my stomach and move them around my waist. You are so manly. You prop my bottom on a pillow and put your face in between my legs. You do the same thing you just did on my mouth but down below with my other lips. You get a creamy taste of me before you come up for air. I love being this close with you.

You'd come up and I'm crying (happy tears)... I love this so much. I just want to be close with you and make love. You'd rest your chin on my pelvic bone. We lock eyes and see into each other's souls. You have my residue on your goatee. It's kinda funny.

We don't say anything. You lift yourself up tossing the pillow out from under me and crawl up me pushing one of my legs over to give yourself room to drive yourself in between them.

You wipe my tears with your fingers and while kissing me more you plunge your male member right up into me and I take a deep breath. We both pause and exhale opening our eyes to see each other's facial expressions. You're inside of me and I'm gripping on tight as I feel your throbbing manhood.

We exchange our professions of love to each other, eyes wide open.

It's an emotional thing. Us. I feel comforted and safe in your arms. We have a special bond and trust one another.

You're staring in my eyes to see my reaction as you begin pumping me with your love rod(🤭). You whisper my name. It melts me. You continue to pump as my legs are wrapped around you under your hold. My body is synced with you and presses towards you to feel your penis deep. I take it whole and each time you push in and out we both feel awesome pleasure. So many incredible sensations. You slowly push both of my legs up so you can plunge deeper. You thrust harder and faster with confidence. There is nothing left hidden between us. It's just our naked bodies joined together as one. Our souls molding. It's like we are dancing in sync. It's wonderful. You give it to me hard and lovingly. You finally feel me have an orgasm and it's a blanket of warmth covering you up and you immediately lose control and have an orgasm and cum deep inside me. It feels so special to experience this with you... We are both smiling and you collapse on top of me.
Written by airhugs
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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