Image for the poem It's never too late to do the right thing.

It's never too late to do the right thing.

throw that proud boys membership away
burn that Trump flag
the election ended back in January anyway  
QAnon is probably a russian agent  
who's never been right  
just as clueless as the My. Pillow guy  
can't you see?  
this is some kool-aid drinking cult shit  
and kanye's new album sucks big  
so let's just move on from all this silliness  
go down to your local drug store  
get your vaccination  
it really isn't that bad, I promise  
I was sick for like a day  
but it's better than getting covid  
I understand, you've been bamboozled  
Fox "news" had you drinking bleach  
and cow dewormer  
your church wasn't much better    
told you God would save you    
well maybe he sent you an answer  
it was a mask and a shot  
to save all of humanity  
instead you said Jesus take the wheel    
that's when the storms came out  
as if he was letting out a great big sigh  
went along with a roll of the eyes  
said your immune system is strong  
wonder how many people said that  
before they found out they were wrong  
famous last words I guess  
but hey, nows better than never  
you can keep your freedoms  
and BBQs too  
go ahead and fly that USA flag  
just please keep Trump's ugly mug off it  
don't you want peace of mind?  
not having to worry if it's you  
that might put grandpa in the hospital  
told me not to guilt trip  
not to put you in a "box"  
seems that you're more than capable  
of putting yourself in a "box"  
but if there is one thing you should listen to  
it shoud be your own stupidity  
because a virus doesn't care for your politics  
it's bipartisan in who it infects  
not all the lies you tell yourself  
will change reality  
the sick are over running hospitals  
real people are really dying  
all because you sat with your arms crossed  
saying nope when you should of said yes  
like a real piece of garbage
Written by DevilsChild
Published | Edited 19th Sep 2021
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