The UK - not a nation but a largely servile, infantile, grovelling, and poorly educated country!

By Stanley Collymore

Home of the Daily Mail and
other Nazi, Fascist, and far
right rags like the odious
Daily Express in whose individual  
and similarly too collective, quite  
thoroughly, utterly sick and very  
twisted minds but heads, which
rather distinctively and equally  
quite literally, and figuratively  
as regards them all are totally  
completely, visibly so devoid  
of brains, it is clearly always  
Meghan Markle; along with  
Lewis Hamilton and rather  
expectedly, those refugees  
who're, ironically, coming  
to Britain simply because  
of the UK's longstanding  
own egregious actions in  
their own countries, that  
are exclusively to blame  
for each allegedly awful  
bad thing that has so far
happened or is likely to  
possibly happen within  
their homeland Britain.

Also the same location of
so-called and laughably  
so GB News that really
likes to think, despite  
the miniscule numbers watching
it, nevertheless pretending to be  
the true voice of the nation. But  
which one? As they haven't,  so
far, explained that one. Turns  
out though, GB News is just a
vitriolically malevolent also a
vile, and a distinctly terrible,
sanctimonious opinionated  
far-right-wing, propaganda  
organ. The evil, delusional  
bastion of entrenched sick  
fantasy, by twisted British  
elites, basically conjoined  
with their necessary and  
also financially essential  
foreign useful idiots and  
obviously in full tandem  
with essentially gullible,  
mainly white racist and  
as anticipated seasoned  
well fawning plebeians.

And even in the specific case  
of the latter viewers they're  
fundamentally and rather  
primarily, permanently angry;
discernibly quite bewildered  
by modern life; and actually  
correspondingly, distinctly  
gullible enough to believe  
in the lying and deceitful,
so repulsively dishonest  
frog with a EU passport  
yet still bragging about  
himself, as exclusively  
being the architect for  
enabling these prized  
Brit prats to gleefully  
secure Brexit; odious  
and egregiously vile;
noxious Frog Farage.  

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
6 September 2021.  

Author's Remarks:  
Privilege solely through the accident of birth does not equate to capability; neither do crass stupidity nor stultifying incompetence constitute a rational substitute for intellectual acumen, commonsense or natural ability.

Alas, however, the entire United Kingdom is replete with a malevolent overabundance of the former; but, sadly and visibly, precious little of the latter, in the two specific incidences, which of requisite significance I've cited!
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