Coincidences or Consequences, who knows but around the same time my package got stolen from the mailbox was the same time their power got shut off. I digress and do so continue to. I wonder the first thoughts to cross the mind(s) of the person(s) as they opened the package to see three little crystal items the main one being a crystal church table ornament? They may have thought ooooeeee money but no, it was a modest gift. I bet the idea of it being a gift to be given to a preacher's wife never entered into thought. I mean really, what are the odds on that happening? However I can only speculate on the who and the what so having said that it's now between them and THE GOD ALMIGHTY. Yeah it irks me, and it's not about the item or it's value. More as much it's about the principles of the the matter. The world is full of unscrupulous people and behaviors which is all the more reason to let it go and regain peace of mind no longer allowing it to be so bothersome.

Oh yeah as I was saying before I got sidetracked. The Lord works in mysterious ways like that time around four years ago when kev was first diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Well there was this one night I was at home and had been hurting all day, I had a toothache and a backache and I'd been upset about Kev. It was around midnight like a little before and I was getting ready to leave to go get something for pain and I kinda had a pitty party and I blew up and with vulgar language I Cussed GOD out loud. And I don't mean I was like God if you really are up there oh no I was going to be heard by GOD THE ALMIGHTY! I cussed at who I know and believe with all my heart to be my GOD and as for me emotionally I was in one of the Darkest places I had ever been to have had felt the way I did and to scream out at GOD in the manner in which I did. It was a brief moment with a couple sentences yet as soon as I had yelled it out I thought immediately to myself " oh great now I'm dead GOD is going to kill me for sure and if experience has taught me anything it's that if I cut you and shed your blood then my blood will probably be shed by another before your cut even has time to scab over God acts swift and quickly when certain matters require an immediate intervention. What most call Karma is actually us reaping the harvest from the seeds that we have sown. Any how, as I left the house I thought to myself I may never make it back home alive. I didn't apologize in prayer to God not even in thought because I wasn't sorry and I couldn't help that was how I felt however I also felt deep deep deep within my soul that I was going to see first hand the wrath of God's anger. Then as I was heading back home I was still in a mood so as I peaked the hill and the highway began the Sharp descent downwards I hit the gas when usually I always always always drop a gear to keep from riding the break but not this time, this time I was an idiot and sure nuff as I almost reach bottom with a full head of steam right where the fog lifts I see a heard of deer and in a flash I had enough time to let off the gas and swerve. What I remember was a
peripheral- vision- flash of many sets of glowing eyeballs scattered all over the place, both lanes both shoulders that froze and did not move as I cut right through them because they never saw me coming nor did they ever see me go. Now I knew better than to be driving that fast and I was aware where the deer crossing was I'd seen them by the heard more than once crossing in the exact same spot. Well after I made it home alive I didn't feel the same way as I had about 30 minutes prior and I was able to honestly apologize for my outburst and thanked GOD for his mercy. GOD only didn't just not kill me but GOD spared me from a horrific multi collision accident with the deer, I don't know maybe the deer heard a heavenly whisper spoken down from the heavens but however the case may be I was at peace with the idea of GOD not killing me now because if GOD was going to punish me or if I was going to die that's when It would of happened so I'm sure that was God's Way of showing me that he is still a forgiving GOD and on that night he chose to protect me and from his wrath I was spared. I prayed for GOD please don't let any harm come to my brother because of my acts also that if he spared me then he had got to spare Kevin. Later that same year around thanks giving his scan revealed that the large mass on his lung was gone and his caner soon after would be said to be in remission. Today about 3 years later he is still doing Great. It's awesome to see God's word play out and see how things transpire to support what the written scripture says is Truth. I've seen enough already in my lifetime to remove all doubt about if it's the truth or not. The bible is the first and only account of his true story, so the first history book is his story. But to make a long story short the moral of the story is if you don't want to ride the lightning ⚡ then don't go chasing after the thunder. And they lived happily ever after. The end
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