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Talk my Shit

Road running to the money trying not to crash out like bandicoot  
I refuse to settle for a spiritually broken man, so you better scoot
I lay all my cards out on the line like a game of spades
You cannot break me down manipulate me for  your own sick kicks,
So no I cannot be swayed
Trying to put your creme in my oreos
I taste like honey nut, but to bad you can't stick your cock in my cheerios
Feeding me bullshit talking about you gone break me off like a kit kat bar.
Saying you a freak, how you gone hop on top and ride me like a stolen car
Get off your knees and stop begging like Jodeci
Boy fuck around with me I'll have you singing, like Keith Sweat belting out
why me baby  
Real women stand on they shit, like a statue on a solid foundation
I keeps a vibrator that makes my river run, bringing endless pleasure during masturbation  
I got a big head word to Jimmy Neutron
I like my salad tossed with no croutons  
Protons, electrons fuck science opposites really don't attract
I want a man who can stand on his own without yes men and being huddled in a pact
Y'all gassed up like some fucking balloons pumped with helium
I don't need liquor to get me litty bitch, so don't mix the henny with the rum
You wanna ask if I'm a squirter and could you make me cum
Man yall outta pocket , take it to the judge and read that on the fucking docket  
Why you trying to read me up and down, like a newspaper
This ain't a barbershop, so why you trying to line me up like a taper
I like my men like a dollar bill which is single and ready to mingle
So, if you got a female you stay with her and stack up , like a can of pringles
I stay having my way in this shit, like I'm a don  
I gotta keep these dog ass men on leashes , like a prostitute and her John
Pillowtalking to the haters gone fuck around and have you sleeping with the fishes
I cannot be wifed up by any man, so till you get on your shit
I cannot be no misses
Written by LibraSoul96
Author's Note
I love having fun with this , so please enjoy!!!😁😁😁😁😁
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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