Abigail Kikke - whom Covid's lockdown made into a totally luckless Scottish paedophile; she ludicrously claims in court!

By Stanley Collymore

So in your sick, twisted
and most thoroughly
dishonest mind  Ms.
Abigail Kikke, the precautionary  
and rational restrictions of this
Covid-19 pandemic enforcedly  
and unflinchingly, placed you
quite cruelly, in a discernibly  
dark place; where evidently  
and distinctly; unavoidably  
and forlornly, significantly  
and completely helplessly  
you were inevitably, then
cruelly transformed into  
unjustly being a hapless  
female, sexual predator  
and completely against  
your congenial nature:
a paedophile, enabler.

Try pulling the other one,
it likely has got bells on:
you evilly, perceptibly  
seeing yourself as superiorly white
special, and actually a self-entitled
person, but in reality is effectively  
an odious and repugnant moron.
Many people basically, struggled
economically, and mentally also
during the Covid-19 , lockdown!
However, not everyone beastly  
resorted to criminally abusing  
children: just two years old in  
your awful case Abigail Kikke  
simply for financial gain plus  
the vilely, totally grotesquely  
warped, clearly indefensibly  
sexual gratification, fervidly  
sought by the likemindedly
rather criminally deranged.  

(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
27 August 2021.

Author's Remarks:  
The Covid-19 lockdown, claims 27 years old, white Abigail Kikke, put her in a dark place. Really! Alas, in view of her perverted, paedophile activities, brazenly executed for money, and rather egregiously committed against a two years old - I repeat, TWO YEARS OLD - innocent girl child, is alas not dark enough for me, I'm afraid!

Frankly and honestly from my own personal perspective, and far more fittingly than Abigail Kikke's claimed dark place, mine would be a dungeon where this undeniably  odious paedophile would be firmly  incarcerated in permanent solitary confinement; suitably devoid of tampons to contain her menstrual periods, and appropriately allowed a shower once every fortnight.

But Abigail Kikke is a white woman living in quite repulsively Brexiteer Britain; and consequently unlike a man, other than those hereditary and likewise elite paedophiles we hear about and even know of but against whom and consistently so nothing is ever legally done about them; Abigail Kikke wii naturally and quite simply be just given by the British judiciary, a gentle slap on the hand! And God forbid, no custodial sentence; far less so any likely incarceration.

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