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The name of the play that I was in was the utensils adventure. The stage directions were very sketch. I think our play was a bust because our director didn't have adequate costumes for us. This play made me so embarrassed. Nobody knew what I was or who I was and my costume wasn't good at all. Most people looked at me and were trying to figure out what I was. I did like how my director made us do a voice activity in the halls to help us get louder. My director did an ok job but our cast was very very unfocused. They would always goof off. I had a lot of fun and this was the first time that I had a bigger part than just being stage crew.

 I came up with my idea from a commercial. My playwright came when I was brainstorming my play and that ad popped up on my television. My playwright was really rushed. It was the first play I've ever written. I got a lot of positive comments for this play so I went along with this one. I'm glad my play didn't get picked. My play had many loopholes and wasn't good enough for the stage. I'm just going to stick with acting for now.

I was confused by the due dates on google classroom. There were so many assignments that said to turn in your edited play in here, and I ended up putting it in all of them so my teacher could find it. I also didn't like how we had to read such a large rubric. By the time I was done reading I had forgotten everything (I am a slow reader).I was confused that people got away with doing larger fonts .Most of the time I didnít get the constructive criticism I needed to improve my work.

A lot of our crew was goofing off and it annoyed me to no end. One of our actors
didn't know her lines that well. Some one of the actors wasn't even there. When we needed to get a blackout to change set we didn't get one. So everybody saw our crew go out with the stuff and go back off stage. Once our crew accidentally went out there when they weren't supposed to. The production was a little too short. I didn't like how we only got to go on the stage two times to practice it didn't give us enough time to get the stage directions down.

I don't think we did as well as we could have. I didn't really enjoy performing with the costumes because it was very embarrassing. I wish we could be louder than we were. I went quiet to loud a lot over my lines. I forced my lines trying to make me sound louder and it took the life out of my lines. I think we should get a little more time than we did to write our plays. It would have made the quality of the play better. It was a nice experience for me and I hope that there is more plays to pick from.

I hope that you are here more for the next play. and maybe not Mr.Devinne as much.


Written by rabbitquest
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So my boy Chris wrote about the play he was in....
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