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He Need His Ass Whooped

  †"Tina said what love got to do with it
Nothing when your getting beat bitch,
 † † †"Now when your wounds heal they itch
And calluses on your asshole makes it painful to shit,

 † † †"One eye closed looking like Popeye
Bitch better be glad your sight didn't go permanently bye-bye,
 † † †"I'm always on the verge of getting demon twisted
Because I was cursed with a fucked-up mentality-more like gifted,

 † † †"Being a former Green Bureau I was taught the art of the silent kill
Putting it on a motherfucka's ass-I have that murder skill,
 † † †"Along with my MMA training of ground and pound
If you wanna whoop my ass you betta use a round,

 † † †"357, hollow point, flame thrower whatever you use
Because if I lay hands-your mama will be singing the blues,
 † † †"Understand bitch I'm just getting this shit going
Your ass is already grass-so it's time for me to start mowing,

 † † †"Now your ass is being suplexed through a glass window
Ain't that some shit-a frequent flying ass ho',
 † † †"Threatening to call your family-here bitch there's the phone
Time for all their asses to know the color of chrome,

 † † †"I wait sitting on your ass in front of the garage
Here they come in that fucked-up 70's Dodge,
 † † †"Now they try to dodge my bullet barrage
Catching that drip-drip and screaming †"Oh My God!!"

 † † †"Putting it to them like gray hairs on a old ladies puss
Their attitudes stankin like a whore refusing to douche,
 † † †"What now bitch, gurgling blood makes it difficult for talkin
And without knee caps no time soon your ass will be walkin,

 † † †"Those not bullet blessed are being knocked off their feet
And consumed with dragon ball Z rage, for days I won't sleep,
 † † †"As I constantly hook them up with real estate in hell
Before the police come and try to take my ass to jail".
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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