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Image for the poem Baby.. It’s Cold Outside

Baby.. It’s Cold Outside

Four Seasons Hotel Denver    
1111 14th St    
Denver, CO, 80202      
Premier Studio, 1 King Size Bed
Baby.. it’s cold outside      
Can you warm my skin as I seek shelter inside your bed where you nightly reside      
Oh yes.. kiss over my hands as you take them in yours      
Looking over his shoulder, warm honey in a glass, the wine is already poured      
Coat taken off off, bra unsnapped      
Mm.. his fingers to my nipples, followed by his mouth... loving the feeling of that      
Fingering me first      
Ooo… coveting his hand, letting him feel my impatient trickling squirt      
Mm… kiss it first, then my soft fold tease      
Bringing me to the point, the only word from me he wants to hear over and over is please      
Oh, sweet mercy I like when he does that      
Giving me a passion mark to my skin when I am on my back      
That’s right baby, turn me on, turn me out        
Addicting me to his dick... begging me once he sniffs my wet south        
Palming his shoulders      
Mm… papi… he plays the notes of my body like a four-leaf clover      
Arching my back, oh yes … umm…hum…. kiss it right there      
My inner thighs locking to his face, panting, sheets gripped, breathless out of air      
Imprisoning my hands to my side, dominating me where my lust cannot hide      
His tongue twisting, swimming in my pussy secretions      
His hands upward reaching, blindly seeking      
Coveting my breasts…moaning… running for the pleasure… he got my cunt wet      
Oh, big daddy… mm… say me name... call me anything, his oral gratification is off the chain      
Eyes closed... dizzy with lust… buttocks palmed… he’s bringing it to the curvaceous dame      
Seesawing my pussy up to his face...  make… oh sweet mercy make this creamy pussy rain      
His tongue retreating … wait... no…my pussy violently beating      
Leaning in taking a slow lick to my clit…      
Darting his finger inside my slit, then my asshole just a little bit      
“Fuck my finger, dammit move on it.”      
Oh God he knows I love this shit      
Then another one slip for the widening groove, tasting his fingers like my pussy is candy food      
Smearing my essence over my foot… his mouth sucking on the tip of my toes      
This feels so good, if only you know      
Fingers in my abyss moving, the pleasure to my toes in perfect rhyme      
To submit to his ecstasy has to be a passionate crime      
Cupping his dick, easing into the moistened of my butter rum abyss        
My legs knotting around his waist, locking him inside my hungry gift      
Leaning downward, my kisses latching on to his, my climax refusing to wait      
Licking the side of his neck, the tightness of my cunt gloving, his throbbing arousal for the anticipate      
Circling his girth, stirring it inside me deep      
Purring behind his desires, my wants, my needs      
Smashing his gluteus for the pleasure inch by inch of his hard dick      
As soon as he fingered me past my thong, I knew he was gonna hit this      
Sniff this, taste this, my essence bathing all over his hard on, keeping him stiff      
No delays as I reached for his zipper        
Oh, what a surprise, leaning downward for a quick kiss      
Tasting his pre-cum toppling the tip      
Oh... do you think I will say no.. squeezing in my hand the elongation of his pole      
I’m past addicted to his loving I refuse to escape once I feel his pearly flow      
Clenching him tighter, mm.. double humping me as my creamy flush is in tow        
Oh… baby… harder      
His erection traveling deeper, farther      
Oh baby… inside me his width getting larger      
Head indented to mattress, my climax his arousal has just zipped      
Mm.. blending our jucies, moans and groans passion smothering, desires still brewing      
Bodies pasting, moving, mm.. my sugary walls on his dick still drooling      
Mm…mm... how sweet this is…
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Sex is... perfectly natural. It's something that's pleasurable. It's enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don't we learn as much as we can about it and become comfortable with ourselves...
Sex is... perfectly natural. It's something that's pleasurable. It's enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don't we learn as much as we can about it and become comfortable with ourselves as sexual human beings because we are all sexual?

Sue Johanson
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