Ayurvedic Freedom

Ayurvedic Freedom
   “Why are you so downcast? Surely the coffee serving business has its perks. Like when you get a huge tip from the same customer who keeps giving them. Then you can say life is good.”
     “As the courtesan to my Sultan, my career involves more than giving coffee to the masses. And days like this I am reminded of that fact. Today he wanted a massage. I often dreamed of being a masseuse. But with him, the service is free of charge. My mind wonders what being a real massage therapist would be like. But alas I am doomed to be a concubine with my only freedom being here among the Arab men whose appreciation gives me the illusion of being a real wife.”
     “Follow me after work to my bungalow at the edge of the city. There I will serve you this bean beverage so valued among people. And if the mood of the moment stirs you I will perform the Ayurvedic rituals performed since ancient times.”
     “My master would wonder where I was. And he may send men to find me.  I couldn’t put you in such danger. But if I exit through the back door after the crowd has dispersed then the chances or our safe encounter outweigh my worries.”
     “Then your plot of liberty will come into being. I will read the paper until our time comes. We will send a messenger to your Sultan saying you are spending time with your woman friend who is giving you a massage. Surely he won’t object to one of your very own genders. After all, there is no sensual bonding with your own gender.”
     “Let him think so. Now the time is at hand. Make haste and lead me to your little piece of heaven.”
     “Here we are. There is the bed upon which you will receive your ministrations. I will avert my eyes as you undress for my healing touch. Lie down then and cover yourself with the towel.”
     “Does my flesh look ready for your hands? It feels ready. But I am a virgin in matters of the touch of a stranger. Please teach me the depths of a man’s hand on a woman’s body. Roll me into a strudel whose sweetness oozes through my cells.”
     “Focus on the path of my rub. Therein lays the paradise you seek. As my pressure deepens so your heartbeat quickens. And the beaded dew of your heat slickens. Shall I bring you to that fruition which is sacred?”
     “I am already there, my love. May I call you by that affectionate name?”
     “You already have my sweetness. I shall need a bath before returning to my master to wash off the scent of our alliance.”
     “Must you rejoin the fold of your Lordship? After all, you could be a stowaway in my place hidden from the prying eyes that might intrude.”
     “If he finds me here we will forfeit our lives. Even honey such as I have tasted tonight would not warrant losing you in such a way.”
     “So it shall be. But before we diverge I will prepare your coffee so that once you will be served rather than being of service.”
     “I will take my brew in your bed to savor how close we came.”
Written by goldenmyst
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