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Image for the poem Mm.. Vibing All Over You In The Absence Of Time

Mm.. Vibing All Over You In The Absence Of Time

The tempo of my fingers are gliding over your skin, as we twist in the comforts of each other’s soul  
Reaching the heights of raw pleasure  
Devouring each other’s skin in reckless passion  
Finding the space of slicken bodies not close enough  
Mm… the scented aroma of sensual sex lingering in the air
Labored breaths intensifying, heartbeats quickening to lasso the wetness of ecstasy
Oh yes.. right there
In your lonely bed… in your head, the soft lace of red  
Entwined bodies seeking the lust of pitted desires  
Minds sinking of its weakened feeling  
Overspilling its hunger, faster to capture, sinking deeper inside me to keep
Make me moan for you as I trickle, my essence seep
Only for you

In the center of our being … oh yes right there.. you feel me, close your eyes
Yes… I am right there
Cum with me on this journey as you make tender, sweet, slow love to me down my canvas
Feel me through my words as my touch contours over the virility of your muscular body  
My weakened will falling prey to that darting wet coating feeling  
Boiling in the heights of such feverish eagerness  
Sluggishly, my stirred jucies escaping from each downward harden thrust  
Biting down on my lip as you anchor into the abyss of my dewy pinkish passage  
Appetites shifting, faster  
Chasing the drips behind the body’s endorphin state of existence  
Sweat droplets populating, legs entwined, locking within the ceremonial cadence

Palms to mattress, eyes closed, back arched  
As the fountain of my soul, the whispers of my submission all yours for the taking,  
Souls merging in a whirlpool, lost in the sea of sinking, drowning  
Within the mystique of depravation  
Carnal ecstasy gliding in, circling, creamy coating, deeper, slicker in and out. sss.. in and out.. mm hum  
Cushioning rapture in the unite of the pushing  
Skin clenching, nails indenting, moans, whimpers, grunts, escalating
Lips, mouths tasting of lover’s hot passion  
Oh God echoed to the ceiling as the elongation of hard heat in and our dividing in the pierce of the grind
Bites to the chest, robust temple pulled into the hunger of the silken moisten ride
Inscribing its own wicked tales of yearning between soaking sheets  
Minds trying to hold on to the silken flavor of that creamy feeling  
Nakedness upon nakedness
The  tigher roaring before the fate of his release  
The calling of my sacred walls kissing the yearns to climax  
Given into the tempation found in this moment, our moment time
Milking his erogenous zone for every drop
Each throb of his sacrifice to please upon the tease, forestalling to first appease
Dipping inside my moisten pulsate at ninety degrees  
Eyes closed in surrendering
Lust and desires ascending  
The undulation of his groin kissing my mound  
Plundering deeper and deeper in the meandering  
Oh, sweet mercy... mm… you know these sensations have never felt so good
He has be addicted to the coveting salvation of his morning and midnight wood
My body shivering, the scent of a man drives me over the edge when mixed with his animalistic sweat  
The tip of his tongue slipping so connected
Each cadence enwrapping the core of my soul to relate what my heart feels
Stroking the sacredness of my soul until an orgasmic collision befalls us  
Soft kisses to my lips, mm… his width still in and out slipping
Lost in the oblivion of the giving
You are the mmm seeds once my thighs are parted… the hinder behind the need
The craving ….. my greed
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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