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Michael and I, two divine Heavenly beings
The handsome male Archangel who teases my delicate femininity wings
The Alpha Angel who roars when he sings
Michael fights my earthly battles when my wings are tattered and dosed with a celestial mean
As we both explored two parts of the world
Among beautiful beings as my wings was sultry transformed
Such a charismatic soul brought this Angel to her knees
As he embraced my wings, he thoroughly pleased
My halo still remembers he instilled the lust of his needs
Planted and sowed the elixir of his pearly seeds
My winds flapped in harmony as he sensuously freed me
Mind to mind, soul to soul, a time now considered an Angelís sweet history
A mission that has come to past
Only the strong who stand on decent principles in life will ever last
Iíve researched what could be wrong
No one reaches out to the stars to sing, caress, or touch with a gentle reassuring song
No echoes of an uplifting heartbeat, heard all day long
Yes, there is, passion, sex, lust, and greed
The very same essences one cannot only be consumed to feed
A glorious lifetime is wrapped in faith, trust, and love
So much weakened down here than given above
Without those elements to get one through
How do you except the Heavenly Creator to give you your earthly just due
One day you shall stand in His presence to see His face
However, no compassion or crown to anyone who fails to give earthly grace
My wings are stronger, no longer tenderly clipped
I shared my humble mind with a handsome man of such a rare and expressive gift
Mentally shared my essence as we clandestinely soared, lips to lips, he passionately slipped
I moaned in ecstasy to the Heavens from his girth, as we so gently dipped
UmmÖsuch a wonderful lyrical planets of alignment when he repeatedly shifted inside my Heavenly mist
Venus enraptured by Mars
An earthly being who knows how to twinkle this Angelís raining stars
I go on my journey now my handsome dream weaver
You had me stunned from hello when you picked up that telephone receiver
Close your eyes and just look to the sky
I will be back one day, to answer all the riddles to your whys
You are such a sweet tickle to remind me of such
Your whisper honeyed words to me meant so much
Your heart has been my destination
My Angel wings gratification
No substitution of its grand stimulation
Not a second thought on an Angelís part, not to have emotionally subdued
As I deliciously fed you my Angel food
I loved every minute of soaring with you, as my mission, I was ordained to do
No hesitation for a mind, I have enjoyed to have ever pursued
I was foretold an earthly being will be the mystery of an Angel, and the sublet of its divinity spiritual mind
Words found by fate to consume an Angelís earthly time
Inconspicuous on the winds found as one soars to the sky
Earthbound tastes of bitterness without a dash of sugar, I tell you no lies
This Angel now soars above the clouds to once again be free
Love spilled on a starry night ,leaving an illuminating trail of me
The heaven welcomes me as I transform with Heaven wings to soundly be
I was coveted by an earthbound handsome dream weaver
As we atrial projected for him to be a saintly believer
Floating among the realm of the Fifth Dimension
Orion blessed us as our souls connected, loving every inch of his earthly bone of extension
Found, lost, only to be reborn again
Heavenís promise to all who commit no sins
Keep in mind, Angels have no last chance
Only an everlasting spiritual dance, you called out to me, I gave you an earthly romance
Remember, always look toward the towering tress
A soft whisper to your ears, and a gentle touch to your cheek, let the soft winds tell you, itís only me
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I do believe this was written in 2018 and deleted when transferring poems to my memory stick.. carry on and thanks in advance

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