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Utopian Nothingness

“we leave this dimension to enter another I was discussing with another poet
about we don't alter who we are from one plane to the next
some people believe they will all of a sudden be perfect I don't believe that's the case
rather into the fray of another world we enter.…” - Crimsin

“it's interesting you should bring that up just lately I'd been thinking along those lines basically that the same people we are in life will continue later... I don't believe we will all of a sudden be great people later living in some type of utopia... it makes no sense... not only that we wouldn't be ourselves anymore if that were the case... I feel I've likely come through this Earth a time or two to the worse or betterment I'm unsure but I just don't imagine a place we go where everything is finished it would become stagnant I think we are on a continued journey of growth... in any case all I can be is me I've tried to be different but it doesn't work does it? thank you for the very thought provoking comment…” - Crimsin

“You would indeed not be yourself if utopia was the end result. It's even alluded to in the old testament, the spirit being stripped of all earthly knowledge to enter paradise. Ef that, if it's the case, but I agree that it's highly improbable. Thank you for the thought provoking poem, love. You're always reading my damn mood.” - Jenny_Is_Hungry

The afterlife as a Utopian Nothingness?

Because, in effect, a utopian state of existence is a form of nothingness, in that, there is no duality to present perspective…  Or.  knowledge and awareness of self, as Utopia can only exist at the exclusion of all other states of being.  (As in society, a proposed Utopia must necessarily sacrifice innovation and unpredictability, which is perhaps an impossible quest to quell the nature of the human spirit/another conversation.)

If I seek to imagine a concept such as Eternity, I am presented with a dimension without time and perhaps without space, in the manner in which we understand space.  (Perhaps space in a state of absolute?)  I am presented with a dimension of pure black or pure white.  Ether a complete absence or a complete presence.  (Each being a form of nothingness, even in a state of completion, as there is no polarity to be a defining force, making all things equivalent and absent of intrinsic value.)  Or perhaps…  The complete lack of understanding of such concepts.  (I think the concept of Eternity might be a good analogy or maintain a parity with the idea of Utopia.)

But then…  In my estimation…  In order to confront these possibilities, of existential transition, I think we must look further into the nature of being, as it pertains to [we who travel].  

Let us suppose, for the sake of thought process, that we do, in fact, travel…  from one plane to the next.  (Either from this plane to another plane, or from this plane to Utopia/Eternity.)  Who is it that is doing the traveling.  Or…  What is it that is doing the traveling.

Some have proposed that in the depths of it all, we are consciousness.  (Something that may be on par, in the sense of purity, with the concepts of Utopia/Eternity.)  

If this is the case, then we are not our “ID, EGO, SUPEREGO”.  We are not any component of our personality.  We are not the Universal Unconscious.  An image comes to mind, in response to such a proposition: A pure crystal that captures passing shadows.  (The passing shadows being the things that we think we are.)

Beyond the idea that we, as individuals, are composed of consciousness, is the idea that we, on a collective level, are composed of the same consciousness.  I think that this takes the analogy of the crystal to another level: This would make not only our personalized illusion - shadows, but the entity perceiving the shadows as, also, a shadow.

That is way heavy.

But to extend this further.  What if the entirety of the human race (past present future) are but shadows in yet another, more expansive crystal…  That is but the shadows in yet another crystal…  Destined to disappear into the shadows of it’s “SELF”.

I think this brings me to an important point…  Such ideas can only be approached in the form of ideas.  (Which seem to me to be like sifts of the ineffable/screen to light that cannot be looked upon.)

This leaves an entire Space of Space, filled with imperceptible possibilities!

After all, it is said that we only perceive .0005% of what can be perceived.

Now, if we do supposed that we travel from plane to plane (transmigration of souls), and yet we do not (in most circumstances) retain our memories from the previous incarnation, can we say that we are fully in tact, as personas?

Yes…  I do think that we could.  We would be the same fundamental composition that thinks and perceives in a characteristic manner, perhaps.  

The evidence of this, that I have seen, is: past life memories, birth marks, extreme likenesses to past historical figures.

I have encountered the idea that we are extensions of “Advanced Beings” seeking to have a “Human Experience”.

My mind is going places right now…

Or…  The idea that we are created from the “Blood of a Dead god”.  (The oldest creation epic.)  Which might have support in the “dust of stars” origin.

What seems to be, perhaps, most poignant is the question that arises from either perspective: do these ideas negate the intrinsic value of existence?

What if they do and do not negate the intrinsic value of life exist?  Simultaneously.

…  I will say that the death of my father/uncle/friends has perhaps impacted me on a profound level, in a theoretical existential sense.

My father, specifically, pertaining to the Old Testament perspective.  (I was going to go much deeper into it, however, this is over a thousand words already.)

Yes…  These questions are deeply pertinent.  

Here…  I arrive at something that me be most startling…  How is it that we can even ask these questions and generate such meditations.  (Like the idea of the human mind studying itself.)  

Way heavy.

Truly beyond “The Matrix Movies”, which were actually dumbed down, for mass appeal, if you can believe that!?

For those of you who think in such ways…  I simply adore you.
Written by Cipher_O (Zero_Stillness)
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