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Her thoughts of things to do to her man  pages 5,6.7

Her thoughts of things to do to her man

Pages 5, 6,7

"Okay," was all that Ava said, she looked over and watched as Ava stopped the flow of water. "Hold that asshole tight," Ava said as she started pulling the tube free. Alexa clenched the best she could. When it popped out, only a little water came with it. And as swiftly as it had come out, Ava jammed a well lubed and rather large butt plug in its place. Alexa let out a cry at the intrusion. It was way bigger than she had ever used, but luckily slid in quickly. She continued clenching because she didn't want to test it.

"Stand up, I'm so excited to see you," Ava said. With some help Alexa was able to get herself upright while keeping the butt plug in place. She was astonished, as were all the girls there too. Her slender body was now bulging at her stomach. She couldn't help but cradle her stomach like she was pregnant, amazed with how much bigger she was.

Alexa happened to hear a couple click noises and looking up, some of the girls and Ava were taking pictures of her. She grinned and posed for them.

"Wonderful, empty yourself, clean up, and come out when you're ready," Ava told her.

Matt was deliriously horny as he fucked his little hole with the Q-tip. The toothpaste had lathered and was bubbling up between all the pre-cum that his cock was producing and the friction of the Q-tip, causing additional sensations of peppermint goodness. He had already untied his balls and tied them back up looser. About fifteen minutes or so was all he felt comfortable with having them that purple. They were still bulging, but now a nice healthy red color. They were, however, so full of cum that he was going insane.

Checking his phone quick, he was waiting eagerly for a follow up from Alexa. What was she going through currently? His mind was going crazy with options. He had all sorts of kinks, and he was exploring them all mentally. With that, he decided to start edging.

The first edge did not take long at all, he was so horny, and so worked up. Luckily, he caught himself. He absolutely would not cum without her permission. Awash with horniness, he sent her a quick email reply, "Oh god, this is so good, hope you're having an amazing night, I'll keep edging until you let me know I can cum."

"Oh, my Alexa, it says here you asked your little boy toy to fuck his cock with toothpaste," Ava was holding Alexa's phone and reading through it.

"I, uh... I, yeah, I," Alexa stammered. She was not okay with Ava going through her phone at all. But what could she do now? She also realized all the girls were wearing strap-ons, of various sizes and lengths. It almost looked humorous, watching some of the big dongs swaying back and forth on such petite girls.

"Well, that's the first I've heard of that. Sounds interesting. And I definitely think it's your turn for that too," Ava said as she pointed to the couch again. Alexa practically ran, as well as she could with her high heels still on, over to the couch. She slides, herself to the edge of the couch and brought her knees up to her sides without being asked, which predictably splayed her pussy out for the whole room to see.

"Mmm, perfect," Ava said. The girls with their new cocks gathered around Alexa, held her legs, caressed her tits, and even pushed a finger into her mouth to suck on.

Ava sauntered towards Alexa's exposed sex with a few items, a tube of toothpaste,

Alexa's phone and some q-tips. Alexa could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second. Unlike the other girls, Ava was not wearing a strap-on.

She knelt before Alexa and took a few moments to inspect her young pussy. She caressed her folds with her fingernails, touched her clitoris gently, then ran her finger through her moistened crevice, noting the thin string of juice that tried to hold onto her fingertip when she pulled away, "Open her up girls."

Immediately fingers descended onto and into Alexa's nether mouth, they stretched the skin and pulled open her sex forcefully, exposing the bright inner pink of her pussy.

With her stretched lips pulled open, and gaped, ready for the intrusion that was about to come.

Ava open, up the tube of toothpaste and pushed out a nice sized white dollop onto one of the Q-tips. Then she used her fingers to pull up on Alexa's clitoris hood, and open her pussy up even more, exposing her little pee hole. Alexa shuttered as she felt the Q-tip touch the delicate tight hole of her urethra. She had NEVER played with that spot.

She had never even thought about it. Sure, Matt talked all the time about his, but she was more than happy to just focus on her pussy.

With only the slightest push, Alexa's pee hole accepted the peppermint toothpaste covered Q-tip. Alexa moaned loudly as she felt her most private of holes being penetrated. Immediately she could feel the cooling embrace of the toothpaste. She moaned louder as Ava pushed the Q-tip in even further.

Ava fucked her little urethra a couple times with the Q-tip then pulled it free, "well, you seemed to enjoy that little Alexa."

Alexa nodded her head eagerly as the coolness worked its way into her urethra. "Well good," Ava said as she pushed out another drop of toothpaste onto the Q-tip and once again pushed it back into Alexa's little pee hole. Alexa leaned her head back, just completely lost in the pleasure and focus of her mistress. Ava smiled as she grabbed Alexa's phone and snapped a photo of her splayed pussy with the toothpaste covered Q-tip protruding from her urethra. She took a moment to update Matt with how the night was going.

"Hey Matt, Ava, over here. Alexa is enjoying herself. Don't you dare cum, but here's a picture to drive you mad. More updates to come. Also, fill your cock to the brim with toothpaste, because I'm about to do the same to sweet little Alexa"

Matt was on to his fourth edge, and he was going practically hysterical with lust when the email arrived. He starred astonished at the sexy picture in front of him, between Alexa's splayed pussy with the toothpaste and Q-tip clearly visible, as well as the gaggle of girls all around her, pinching her nipples and holding her legs apart, it was absolutely amazing. And Ava knows!!

He looked over at the tube of toothpaste and, without a care in the world, pulled the Q-tip from his cock and grabbed the toothpaste and lined up the tip of the tube with his spread open cock hole. Pushing it in a bit, he then squeezed the peppermint toothpaste into his cock. He moaned deeply as he felt the toothpaste push further and further into his cock. This was by far the best night he could've hoped for.

Alexa was so psychologically confused at that moment she wasn't sure what to think or believe. She could feel the peppermint toothpaste burrowing its way into her urethra, way past the point she ever would've attempted on her own. She was speechless, her mouth open, just watching Ava squeeze the tube of toothpaste into her urethra. She started to tremble with lust and sensation as the cooling feeling works its way inside.

What sure looked like a full tube of toothpaste was now at least a quarter gone, and its contents filling the depths of her piss hole. She could then feel the burning inside.

"Mmmmm," Alexa moaned, while keeping her legs spread for her mistress.

"Good, now for the fun part," Ava smirked as she directed switched holes for the toothpaste. Much easier, and much more welcoming, she unleashed the remaining contents of the tube directly into Alexa's gaping pussy.

"Oh my god yes mistress," Alexa cried out as her pussy was flooded with the cool peppermint rush of the toothpaste. More and more were, pushed in until she thought she would be overflowing with it. She had played with toothpaste before, but nothing like this. Her holes were just filled with it.

Ava noted her satisfaction and pushed the Q-tip back into her urethra. It slid in so easily; she pushed a second one in next to it, and finally a third.

Alexa rolled her head back at the pleasure, and simply succumbed to it. As she did, the girls went into action. First up was the girl with all the piercings, she lined her strap-on up with Alexa's pussy and in one swift motion, rammed the dildo directly into the welcoming pussy before her. Alexa cried out in pleasure as the dildo mashed the toothpaste against the walls of her pussy, though much of it had poured out from her hole as it started to run down the crevice of her ass.

Ava stepped away as her horny friends descended on the prey before them. Dildos in hand they pulled Alexa from the couch and onto all fours on the floor. They had her sit on the dildo of the girl with the hair on her pussy, while the girl with the piercings lined her dildo up with Alexa's winking asshole. Yes, they would use the toothpaste as lube.

She went as slowly as she could with her toothpaste covered weapon of anal destruction, and pushed it into Alexa's puckered asshole.

Crying out, "Oh god please no," she said as she grunted and groaned as the cooling sensation and dildo worked into her freshly cleaned bowels. Immediately the girls took the queue and began punishing her for her insolence. The pierced girl with the dildo now deep into Alexa's backside grabbed Alexa's arms and pulled her up, exposing her tits to the other two girls and Ava. Immediately they renewed their assault on her tits, like they did when they first entered her home. Slap after slap rained down on her tender breasts. They were merciless and brutal, using her tits as punching bags.

Alexa cried out in agony as the cock worked its way into her asshole, the toothpaste burning her sensitive insides. The cock in pussy felt so damn good, but it in no way made up for the assault upon her tits. Not to mention her urethra burned from the toothpaste way inside and the three Q-tips that still remained.

"Please, please!" Alexa cried as she tried to cover her breasts, but now the jackals stepped up their assault. It was clearly the instruction of the night, if Alexa resisted, punish her. She was pushed forward, and the dildo in her ass was pulled free. Alexa looked back and it was the girl with the landing strip. She had a rather large, intimidating looking strap-on and it was freshly lubed with more toothpaste. Alexa howled as it started to push through the resistance of her sphincter, inch by inch, the monster forced its way into her rectum. The other girls jumped in, biting her nipples harshly, slapping her ass brutally, and practically punching her tits. Another jammed a cock in her mouth and forced it deep inside. They pulled her this way and that, all forcing their cocks into her various holes.

All the while, Ava would snap a photo here and there... showing Alexa's holes filled and dripping with toothpaste, the Q-tips just protruding from her urethra still, the redness of her tits as the girls slapped them. Alexa tried to fight it for a bit more but finally gave up. By this time, she was on laying on her back on the coffee table, her legs being held up as the big cock was being rammed into her asshole. Another girl was deep throating her with a strap-on, while another was putting clamps on her nipples. She finally gave in.

The punishment fuck continued for another few minutes, by this time toothpaste was everywhere, her hair, her tits, the rugs, the couch, the coffee table. Clearly, they brought more than one tube.

Once they were satisfied with her submission, they pulled their cocks free of her leaving her a toothpaste-covered mess. Ava grinned at Alexa, "Go get cleaned up girls."

The girls all obeyed and headed to the bathrooms, stripping off what little clothes they had on.

"Tell me Alexa, what would you like next?" Alexa looked up at Ava, she struggled to find a smile, but she did. This was what she wanted.

"Maybe can I cum mistress?" Alexa asked, looking up with Ava knowing she looked pitiful.

Ava grinned and walked over to Alexa. She bent over and kissed her deeply, their tongues immediately began the wet dance of the passionate. Ava's fingers lightly caressed Alexa's abused parts, her nipples, her breasts, down towards her pussy. Her fingers immediately found the Q-tips still inserted in Alexa's urethra. Slowly and carefully, she nudged them, and worked them, as her thumb began pleasuring Alexa's hard clitoris. It only took a couple minutes until Alexa was shaking, the Q-tips were pressing against her g-spot in a way that she had never experienced before. The pleasure built and built, her young body writhing at Ava's touch. "Yes, yes, yes," Alexa moaned until finally, like an explosion of light from the rising sun on a clear, her body convulsed and exploded in ecstasy. Ava rode her orgasm out, playing with her clit and the Q-tips until the orgasm subsided.

Alexa didn't even hear the girls and Ava leave.

Matt couldn't believe his eyes as the pictures came in through the night, he was torn between feeling bad for Alexa, and being overcome with desire as she was being used.

Ava's last email was a picture of Alexa passed out on the coffee table, covered in toothpaste, but taken from such a way that Matt could clearly see the three Q-tips poking out of Alexa's urethra above her well used pussy with the text, "Alexa came."

Written by nutbuster (D C)
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