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Her thoughts of things to do to her man pages 3 and 4

Her thoughts of things to do to her man

Pages 3 and 4

Once her ball gag was in a place a girl got behind her and Alexa's arms were pulled behind, and her legs were kicked open where she stood. One of the girls was emptying the duffle bag she was carrying onto the floor; every manner of sexual device seemed to fall out. She then grabbed a pair of scissors and walked towards her. Alexa watched helplessly as the girl cut the front strap of her bra.

Ava gave a grin as the girls started making comments about Alexa's newly exposed breasts. Alexa breathing was also deep, causing her breasts to rise and fall. "Oh my god, what perky little tits those are" one said, "Oh look at her nipples, I can't wait to bite them," said another. Alexa was so torn, she no longer feared for her life as she did when she first opened the door. Clearly Ava was testing her limits. She felt utter excitement over what they might do to her, but she was still totally mortified with how exposed she was to so many people.

It was then that she felt her chest being pushed out by the girl behind her and the mauling of her tits began. A rain of slaps began on her tits. One after another the girls took turns brutalizing and slapping her breasts. Alexa struggled against the attack, but it was no use. Even as she pulled away from the girl behind her, another jumped into help, "Don't resist, you'll only make it worse" she was told as her tits were slapped harder and harder. She cried out and submitted, eventually pushing her own tits out to her attackers. "Good," Ava said as a few slaps followed up, but then stopped.

One of the taller girls moved in front of her and with a grin grabbed Alexa's panties and pulled up swiftly in the front causing her to cry out as the lacy material was forced deep into the folds of her young pussy. After a couple hard yanks, they were then cut off of her. Alexa was now naked except for her stockings and high heels.

Ava, armed with a riding crop, took front and center before Alexa, "Well tonight should definitely be fun don't you think?" Alexa nodded, starring into Ava's seductive eyes.

"You decided to not give me a safe word, so that is off the table. What I will say is, we will not leave any permanent marks on you, and blood isn't my thing. This is your last chance, if you nod yes, we will continue, or you can shake your head no, and we will leave."

Alexa took a moment to gather her thoughts. This is exactly what she's desired, and of course her eager pussy was already completely sold on the idea. Of course, she felt massive anxiety, what if she didn't actually enjoy it, or what if her parents came home early?! The thought ran rampant through her mind. But she knew it was too late to stop. She nodded in agreement.


The next twenty minutes or so were an absolute delight for Alexa. The girls descended on her young body like jackals. Biting, pinching, slapping, fingering, their hands and fingers felt every single part of her body. First, she was pulled backwards over the back of the couch, so that her arms could be pulled down towards the floor as a girl ground her pussy into Alexa's face, while others pinched and slapped her exposed nipples. Her feet were on the cushions of the couch as her legs were pulled apart and then her nether region became the new target of their abuse.

Her young pussy was slapped, as her legs were kept pulled apart. She cried out into the pussy that covered her face in juice. Alexa thought for sure Ava was hitting her delicate folds with the riding crop. She tried her best to be a good little submissive and push her pussy towards the implement that was causing her so much pain. Hit after hit, she felt her pussy moisten, and the slapping became wet.

The pussy whipping continued for a while longer, and then the penetrations started.

First it was with fingers, and then what Alexa imaged was a dildo. Her pussy gave way easily to the intrusion. She ground and pushed back on the object as it found the depths of her pussy, even hitting her cervix.

Once the girls knew Alexa would no longer put up a fight, they stopped restraining her arms. Alexa was then able to play with the girls and used her own fingers to explore the various pussies around her.

All the while different girls took turns riding her face. She was surprisingly intrigued about the different looks, feels, tastes and smells of every girl's pussy. Each seemed to groom their pussy different. One was completely bald, and her wet pussy was smaller than the rest. Alexa found out just how tight she was with how hard it was to get two of her small digits into it. It even smelled good. Another only had a small "landing strip" of hair. Her pussy seemed to be used more than the others, her pussy lips were longer, and her pussy seemed to open up more. When her fingers found this pussy, she found

it to open easily for three fingers, and Alexa knew she could get more in.

Another's pussy was also bald, however she had piercings, and a lot of them. She had a piercing through her clitoral hood, and another through her clitoris itself. But that wasn't what was bizarre, her pussy lips had several piercings each, and they were sown shut. Was she owned? That girl basically used Alexa's nose as a Symbian and ended up climaxing. For some reason that made Alexa feel proud.

The other girl had hair around her pussy; it was trimmed, but very much a part of her look. Her pussy was by far the best tasting as she ground it into the ball gag, her pussy juice leaking into Alexa's mouth. Alexa was too busy with the other pussies that she realized she missed fingering this one.

All the while, her pussy was getting worked over by whatever implement they were using on her. They fucked her with it, even played with her hard clitoris, it was then that she felt the coming orgasm. It started off small in her loins but grew and grew with each thrust. She couldn't help but start shaking and moaning as the pleasure built. She pushed her hips harder into the dildo, grunting and moaning with each penetration.

However, Ava could read her like a book, not that she wasn't telegraphing what was happening, and she pulled the dildo free and then preceded to whip her young pussy with the riding crop again!

Alexa cried out in pain as her eager wet pussy, which was about to achieve climax, was instead so cruelly left splayed open and empty, the dildo replaced with the hard leather slaps of the riding crop. The girls took a queue and again held Alexa in place, still basically bent over the couch; her legs pulled open forcing her to welcome the whip.
At the same time, the girls renewed their previous assault on Alexa's tits. The one girl with the pierced pussy latched her mouth on Alexa's right tit and instantly bit her teeth into Alexa's nipple. Fortunately for Alexa, her nipples were never very sensitive, so she was able to endure the bite with pride.

The pussy whipping lasted several more agonizing minutes. Slap after harsh slap sent her into a new world. She absolutely loved the fun lesbian play they had going on moments before. But as the riding crop worked her pussy over, she felt something happen inside of her, complete submission.

Though the riding crop hurt, it wasn't actually horrible. As with the titty slapping earlier, she decided to stop fighting it. Instead of struggling, she thrust her hips up and spread her legs as far as they would go. She tried to find whatever pleasure she could in the sting of the crop, and the gnawing on her nipple.

Ava took advantage of her submission and landed a few very well placed, hits on Alexa's sensitive clitoris, which was absolutely wild! Alexa was overcome with lust and really starting to get into the experience. As Ava turned her pussy a bright red from the punishment she said, "Okay little Alexa, let's start testing your limits..."

By now Matt was awash in pleasure and fantasy. His urethra was opened wide for the punishment his mistress had so lovingly bestowed on him. The toothpaste he had was already a peppermint one, so the added peppermint oil would certainly make the sensations incredible! He took a deep breath as he completely coated a Q-tip with the concoction and began to insert it into his cock. Immediately the cooling burn of the peppermint struck the sensitive insides of his cock. He gasped at the incredible feeling then pushed the Q-tip further into his cock, the peppermint sensation sending waves of pleasure and pain into the depths of his penis. Without waiting to get the full feeling, he withdrew the Q-tip and immediately coated it with even more, and once again pushing it into his urethra. Just the thought that Alexa had wanted this made it all the more exciting.

"Please Mistress, no more..." Alexa gasped as the flow of water was again renewed. Her stomach was already showing signs of expansion as the water filled her bowels. Before administering the enema, the girls removed her ball gag since they wanted to use her tongue for their pleasure. After about a half hour of cunnilingus and having her tits slapped, nipples pinched and pussy fingered, besides Alexa's jaw and tongue being worn out, she loved how the night was going. And no, she was not allowed to orgasm then either. Now she was face down in the bathtub while the girls all helped Ava with the enema. Liter after liter had already been pumped into Alexa's young ass.

"Of course, you'll take more. You'll take whatever I give you," Ava said with absolute authority. Alexa moaned in submission as more fluid worked its way into her body. The cramps had started a few minutes ago. She had no idea how many liters were already in her. She moved around, attempting to ease the cramping that was becoming more and more pronounced. As with the other tortures, she would never fight it, but do her best to embrace it. She would accept however much water Ava would give, no matter what.

The girl with the hair on her delicious tasting pussy crawled into the tub alongside Alexa and snuggled up next to her, offering Alexa her mouth and tongue. Alexa accepted and returned the passionate kisses. The girl's hands then cradled her softly, caressing her bulging stomach lovingly.

As the water moved deeper into her intestines, she could feel a cooling sensation deep inside as the water found its way into another part. That was almost a relief since the water must've been able to move deeper, however, the cramping didn't lessen at all.

She moved her body in such a way so that she could see her expanding stomach. She looked like she was pregnant, maybe two or three months. She both loved and hated the feeling. It was beginning to hurt more than she would've liked. But she also loved that she had the attention of all these girls, and her cute ass was up in the air and getting all the attention.

The bloating continued as more liquid was forced into her rosebud. Alexa cried out, then bit down on her finger, trying her best to be good and compliant, but the enema was just becoming too much, she knew she was at her breaking point. Her stomach kept getting bigger; the skin around her stomach was tight, straining to hold the mass of water in.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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