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When God created woman
From the the rib on Adam's side
He provided a companion
Named her Eve and she complied

In the garden that was Eden
Forbidden fruit just out of reach
Satan offered Eve the apple
To tempt Adam with her peach

Satan had her bite the apple
That would open up her eyes
To the place of satisfaction
That was there between her thighs

She gave a bite to Adam
Of that apple from the tree
Then showed her hidden peach to him
Lifting her leaf to let him see

Also bared her firm breasts for him
Her nipples up and straight
Adam tweaked them with his fingers
He was taking all the bait

The tuft of hair he saw down there
And the breasts had their effect
His downward facing organ
Getting larger and erect

She looked deeply in his eyes
Penetrating to his soul
Then knelt down there before him
Wrapped her lips around his pole

The world's first time fellatio
Had Adam's own fruit growing tall
Eve sucked it in completely
In her mouth she took it all

Then she wrapped a hand around it
And was stroking as she stood
The length and girth were ample
Now his cock was hard as wood

She took his hand in her hand
And she moved it to her peach
Put his fingers on her clitoris
Moved them 'round a bit to teach

Eve was heaving from arousal
As Adam's digits made her moan
Exploring deeper with his fingers
Inhibitions, gone and flown

Her mouth had felt good on him
He knew he must do the same
So he tried a new move on her
Cunnilingus was its name

He put his head between her thighs
Put his mouth upon her clit
Sucked and kissed by trial and error
Even nibbled it a bit

Eve went into shaking spasms
From this foreplay that was new
Had the  first orgasm ever
Pussy  glistening with dew

Eve was squirting at the ending
Adam had to have taste
This was new to both of them
He couldn't let it go to waste

They re-positioned, without thinking,
Seemed like the time to realign
For another new creation
We know it now, as sixty-nine

Their mouths returned together
To the pleasures they had wrought
They both were trying new moves
To build on things they were not taught

She opened her thighs further
Raised her ass up in the air
His tongue licked her vagina
And she hummed his hanging pair

Adam's penis was now pulsing
Had no idea,  what was up
His ejaculate was streaming
Was enough to fill a cup

It shot upon Eve's tits and chest
And hit Adam on the nose
 Eve's second climax had arrived
She felt it from her head to toes

Their bout was far from over
Adam's penis still stood tall
Displayed in all its glory
Did not even droop at all

Eve got on her hands and knees
Adam moved to get behind
They had watched two mating canines
So they knew what they would find

As Adam entered Eve's abode
It was tight, and wet, and slick
It pushed his foreskin down the shaft
As she rocked back on his prick

He pushed his hardness in her
As he never had before
The apple bite he'd taken
Had  him shoving for the core

As he reached the very bottom
Of her hot and juicy twat
She twirked her ass against him
And she squeezed down on her slot

His balls banged on her vulva
Cock swelled up to rub her “G”
She arched her back to help it
Screaming loud in ecstasy

“Fuck me harder Adam
Let your cum within me burst
And as your gism's flowing
Tell me I'm your very first”

He grabbed her hips for leverage
Moved his ass with all his might
His cock performing magic
Moving in and out of sight

They both  were breathing heavily
Adam groaning, Eve was moaning
Soon would be his second cumming
That would end this first time boning

Adam felt Eve's heat surround him
As she climaxed on his tool
His prick was also pulsing
Their juices mixing in a pool

Cascading from her honey pot
Like a small Niagara Falls
Flowing from her mound of Venus
Out across his dick balls

God knew all of this would happen
Knew what sex was all about
They had enjoyed it far too much
So he had to kick them out

Now humankind would do it
Not for anything but fun
Because Adam bit the apple
From Eve, the Satan tempted one

This isn't quite the version
That you read of in the book
If you want to see comparisons
Go to Genesis and look

The bible does not say these things
As I've told them here to you
Because  Adam bit the apple
Eden was all done and through

The devil made me write this
The temptation was too great
If you enjoyed the reading
Hope that hell is not our fate

Written by eightmore
Author's Note
Genesis, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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