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The Girl in the Window - Part I

I see you appear and vanish ever so slow.
Can you see me?

Can you believe me?



You have to believe me!
My mind is a mess but my eyes are perfectly fine!
I need to rest... he says...

One illness does not make me sick all over...
I feel fine.
These pills are dragging me down. Pulling me under.

I feel fine!!

One last peek before I attempt to sleep.
The girl is gone.
In her place stands a towering monster.
The next door neighbour. Widow.
I wonder...
Can she see me? Can dad see her?

Mom already told me...
Mom already told me how wrong I am.
She made sure I took my medicine.
Feeling sicker than Iíve ever been...


Will she be there tomorrow?
The girl in the window I mean.
Couldnít be much older than.. 8? 9 maybe?
The neighbour... that crazy witch..
She mustíve taken her.
Never seen kids over there before.
Went there once or twice, no sign of any!
I swear! Not even small cutlery in the kitchen drawer!

Havenít slept for 3 days in a row.



You hear that?..
Oh God. Oh God...

Should I wake mom and dad?
They wouldnít want to talk about it. Why bother...
Seems like itís been ages since they even talked to each other.


The crying is fading away.
Maybe I did just imagine...
FUCK! No I didnít! Stop doubting yourself!
Iím the sole survivor in this war against myself.
I canít turn against myself.
I wonít lie to myself.


Iíve been surrounded by them since... forever it feels like.


I fool myself by acting to wake up by the sound of this pointless alarm clock.


I..I canít move!
Iím strapped to the bed! Help! HELP!!

Why does my voice echo? Itís like Iím screaming at myself.
Calm down. Calm down...

I feel something dripping on my face...
Blood by the taste of iron.
Blood is dripping from the ceiling on my face! Fuck!
Itís one of those moments again.
Calm the fuck down!

They always go away when I calm down.



See? That wasnít all that bad.
Nothing compared to the other wretched messed up shit-awakenings I had.


This girl needs my help.
She stood by the window with reason.
Iíll save her. Take her back to her parents.
Iím about to go all-out Liam Neeson.

I chuckle.
Pretty weird since this is no laughing matter.
I grab comfort whenever I can I guess.
I walk down the stairs. Silence. No sign of chatter.

When did this house become this silent?


Written by Drieks
Author's Note
This piece is heavily inspired by the movie: Fear of Rain.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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