Gems of Desire

will you be my friend?
for the exquisite gem you are,
groves and valleys at the landís end,  
lovely faces, such a diamond you are!
will you come to me, my friend?
this journey begins from the landís end,
for the wanderlust, this is surely wise,
your lovely eyes as beautiful as the crystalline catís eyes!!
will you stay with me, my friend?
let this flow on without the feeling of any end,
draining the juicy nectar, so you know youíre a sexy hornet!
a silhouette in the wilderness, I feel your shape, a sensuous garnet!!
come to me, letís dance on this bed of roses,
to the romantic tunes of my sexual proses,
as the night goes on, itís a fantasy for yours truly
but this reality, itís so so hot, Iíd kiss your bright red lips, lusciously ruby!!
play with me, my dear darling buds of May
thousands flocking in droves, for the pleasures of prove
together we head down to the town, just us, a boy and a girl,
clasping our hands tightly, our hands wrapped together with a charming rope of pearl!!
together we shall split them rocks
with these gems we shall feed our flocks,
melodies, they ring, at the Mardi Gra  she beautifully sings,
garland berries and beads, breasts filled with red coral rings!!
to a dark sexy corner, let me take you,
letting down your hair, ocean grey with streaks of blue,
unhooking your metallic claps, I feel your pearly buds,
reflecting the shiny lights, I see the flickers of your emerald studs!!
like the Sheppardís swans, we neck and sway,
caresses and kisses, this is how lovers play,
filling the air with a thousand fragrant posies, the nightís on fire
scent of a woman, so enchanting, exhilarating, like a yellow sapphire!
I want her touch, it is now beyond a manís lust  
captivated by his weakness for her voluptuous bust!
his senses was easily led by her passionate gems of desire!
with such rawness and roughness of a dominatrix beauty with a ring of blue sapphire!!
Written by XiaoLong
Author's Note
Inspired by averageJoe69 and verses from Passionate Sheppard to his Love, by Christopher Marlove
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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