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Her thoughts of things to do to her man

Her thoughts of things to do to her man

It was just starting to get cold outside the winds of November were blowing the dead leaves from the trees. Winter was indeed coming.

Matt had just finished the chores around the house, the final mowing of the yard, racking up the left-over leaves, and cleaning out the garage. He had a decent sense of accomplishment, but something was missing. He hadn't heard from his mistress in a long time, and that was starting to get to him. Not to mention it was going on over a week since the last time he had had an orgasm. His balls felt heavy with cum.

After a quick shower, and a cup of coffee, Matt hoped on the computer to see if there was anything in his email... and nothing. He hated the idea of bugging her. She had said there were some life things that had come up that were on her mind, and though normally she would've showered him in kinky tasks to do, things of late were not the same. He had completely respected her position, but still, there was a longing and a yearning for it. And now it was going on almost 2 weeks since he'd heard from her.

Matt was a masochist, he loved offering up his vulnerable spots to the whim of his mistress. He loved being tortured by her. The kinkier, the better. Just the thought of some of the past things she had done to him made his cock hard and caused his balls to boil. The idea of her showing up at the door made his cock throb even more, but he knew that was fantasy.

He did need a release though and he knew no matter she might ask of him his mistress always wanted his balls tied up tight. Usually, a rope around the base of his scrotum, wrapped around as many times as it could be, tightly, until his balls were stretched from his body and perfectly available for whatever she might fancy. So, he made himself comfortable and tied his balls up accordingly. Mmmm, the mere sensation of his testicles being bound made him thrilled with excitement. It didn't take long for his hard cock to have its first dribble of pre-cum.

He stared at his email for a while. Should he write? Should he not write?

His aching balls won out, and he started writing to her...

"Hi Alexa! Hope you're having a good day. I waited as long as I could, but I'm yearning to hear from you. I'd love for you to hurt me it's been over a week since I've cum. But I understand if you're not into it still with everything going on. Just know, I'm here with my balls tied up thinking about you!"

He stared at the email for a while. He read and reread the brief paragraph like it would somehow matter. Internally he was so conflicted, he didn't like begging or prostrating himself like this. He knew if she were interested, she would've just been writing him all along. It seemed like a lost cause. She was, of course, busy with college and her job. He looked through some old emails etc. while he started to fantasize a bit more. His balls were turning red and the pre-cum was beginning to leak out of his cock. It felt like a month since he'd cum.

Finally, he figured, fuck it. And hit sent. It was worth a try either way.
That's what he wanted to do. Who knows? Worst-case scenario, he'd read some erotica, or whatever, and let himself cum. Best-case scenario, she would write back. Either way, he was wonderfully erect and knew it would be good night.

He settled in to looking up some stories about BDSM and sounding.

He read a few while stroking his erect cock. He couldn't wait to push a sound in or maybe do something even kinkier. He wanted to build things up though. Then he heard his phone go off. He was almost startled. He grabbed it quickly, almost dropping his phone, it was an email, and it was from Alexa! "No shit," he said.

"Hey there, sorry for not writing sooner. No, I haven't forgotten about you. And a week? I still don't get why you like to wait so long. But I am flattered you want my permission. I want to let you know that I met someone. She yes, she, is into bondage as well. And she likes to be the dominant one. So, I want the images of that floating around your head, yes, she's already tied me up and fucked the orgasm right out of pussy. She's actually on her way over right now and tonight she said we're going to get really kinky. I imagine you're ultra-hard right now. Good.

Here's what I want you to do:

However, your balls are tied up, untie them, and then tie them up so much tighter. I want them turning purple.

Find some peppermint oil and mix it up with toothpaste.

Use your little device to open your urethra up.

Fill your cock up with the zesty mixture

Fuck your cock with a Q-tip or two

I want you to edge knowing I'm going to make sure she knows about my love for toothpaste too.

Do NOT cum.

Matt's mouth dropped open from shock, and his cock had never been harder. The little device she was referencing is a little homemade speculum he had made for his urethra. It was made from fairly thin stainless-steel wiring and fashioned in such a way to be inserted into his urethra about 4 inches, opening it up the whole way for things such as this.

He immediately got to work.

Alexa on the other hand was feeling nearly overwhelmed with nervousness. She finished sending the email to Matt, it was almost perfectly timed for his email to arrive, and she loved the idea of him having his urethra filled up while her new master was doing something similar to her. Maybe she'd let him know how the night went, and maybe even let him cum. She giggled to herself.

Her house was finally empty for a bit. Her family was out of town that day visiting some family. She insisted she had too much schoolwork to do, so her parents didn't force her to go luckily. She was all alone, and so ready to be used. She had met Ava via a hook up app she decided to install on a whim. She had always daydreamed of being topped by a pretty girl, so she thought she give it a go. But she didn't anticipate lucking out as much as she did.

Ava was incredibly sexy, and a touch older than Alexa, just a year or so ahead of her in college. Her profile on the app was extremely alluring, "Women only, must be into being dominated" was her lead in, and Alexa did! They had met for coffee about a month ago, and it was wonderful. She dressed as sexily as she could, a short skirt with stockings and a cute little top. Ava didn't let her down either, dressed fairly similar with more, black on. They had talked into the night.

About a week or so later, Alexa was tied up in Ava's apartment on sex swing having a strap on drilled into her leaking pussy. Her parents would never approve of this sort of relationship, so she had to keep things quiet.

Tonight, Ava wanted to explore her tolerances, and find out just want her young body enjoyed, and Alexa was all too happy to comply. Ava had asked what her safe word would be, but Alexa wanted her to have fun and figured it wasn't needed. They also talked about some toys and things she wanted Ava to use on her. Alexa LOVED the feeling of toothpaste used in and on her body, it was by far one of her favorites (which was why she was so excited to find out that Matt was willing to let her pump it into his cock). The feeling of it inside her pussy would make her wet for hours.

That would definitely be on the list.

She dispensed with any subtleties for the night and decided she was going to answer the door on her knees, with some lingerie on. She picked out a lacy white set with back-seemed stockings, since she felt like she was having her submission virginity removed and made sure she was freshened up and well groomed. Matt was a good little slave though, and she enjoyed what they had, which is why she felt obligated to write him back. If tonight went as well as she expected, maybe she would let him cum.

Time moved slower than ever as she waited near the front room, fiddling on her phone. Finally, the door rang, "thank god!" She hurried over to the door and onto her knees. She moved her hand to unlock the door and pulled it open.

Alexa gasped in horror as she looked up and saw Ava with four other girls standing at the entrance to her home. Ava stood there utterly seductively with a thin black dress with black fishnet stocking and tall high-heeled stilettos. The other four girls were all dressed up like absolute sluts, short skirts, tight shirts showing their cleavage, more fishnet stockings, their skinny flat stomachs on display. The one in back was carrying a duffle bag.

"Good," was all Ava said as she walked towards little Alexa.

Matt's balls were practically bulging from his body after he got done tying them up. He ran the rope around each individual ball as well, so that they were separated. This was already causing them to turn purple, but the feeling made him all the hornier. He then went to his kitchen to fetch the peppermint extract, along with a small dish. Once done, he squeezed out the peppermint Colgate toothpaste into the dish and mixed it up with a q-tip.

His cock throbbed as he took the stainless-steel wire speculum and pushed it into his leaking cock.

Alexa cried out as the girls pulled her by the hair and slapped her ass as they dragged her to the great room of her parent's house.

Unfortunately, her pussy was already betraying her as she felt herself getting wetter with every push, pull and slap they made. She was like a deer in headlights. Her mind was completely overwhelmed. She had always fantasized about this, about being used, about being utterly dominated. And now it was about to happen. She almost smiled as one of the girls forced a ball gag into her mouth as the other's held her. They pulled it up tight and whatever she might've said was now muffled.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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