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Playground Attraction

She asked that I wait til after dark
Until her parents were asleep, we would meet up at the park
Lil Momma isn't tame, she fucking likes to spark
We blazed two right there in the swing not caring if we got caught

We always discussed a menage of things
From balls deep sex to waffles and chicken wings
She told a motherfucker shit that she alone knew she liked
Of how she dreamt of strapping a dildo onto the seat of her bike

She'ld strike out in any direction that guaranteed lots of bumps
Hoping to arrive anywheres,pussy exhausted, humped and pumped
Lil Momma lit our third and final blunt
As I pulled out a flask and asked if that was what she want

Lil Momma took a sip, passed the blunt, and then really tripped
She got out of her swing and climbed into mine, holding onto my lips
We both held onto the chains as we drank and smoked
The conversation was casual but I know she felt when it started to poke

Blunts all gone and we had emptied the flask
She leaned in again taking my mouth and no she didn't ask
Tongue entering my mouth, thick and sweet gliding over my teeth
Hands rubbing my chest as she made grinding moves on my meat

The short skirt that she wore had risen exposing both ass cheeks
Using one hand and my mouth, I worked both breasts into peaks
Lil Momma is so fucking hot I can feel the cum and heat through my pants
She place a foot on each side of my hips and pulled herself up into a stance

There was no doubt what she wanted, skirt pulled up, with no panties on
While holding onto the chains, she placed one leg on my shoulder waiting on my tongue
As soon as I touched her pussy lips the dam thing began to run
It was like fighting an uphill, fucking face covered with cum

She gripped the chains with one hand, pushing my face in there deep
Her clit was hard as a diamond, it had never admitted defeat
She grind that pussy forehead to chin, back and forth, and cheek to fucking cheek
She grabbed me in a death defying headlock as she began to skeet

Shirt and pants drenched, but Lil momma's gonna make that shit up to me
Like a snake she slithered off of my face down on to her knees
While massaging my balls, she deep throated my shit
She drooled all on my head and then climbed on to my shit

She leaned in to my neck working me in as we started to swing
I was pumping my legs up in to the air in order to move the fucking swing
I leaned back, head nearly touching the ground, as Lil Momma started to trick
As she rode up and down, I could see the cum, all frothy and fucking thick

She grabbed the fucking chains, like she was pulling back on reigns
She twist her face and with slamming moves, she started bringing the pain
My man was twitching as he felt the spasms in her walls
I sprung forward burying my face in her breast, as she drained both fucking balls
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