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Words With Powers Too

The wretched one wasn't sated
Suffering fed him best
I coughed up blood, and bile  
Frantic, he pumped my chest
The generous One was stunned
Broke the lone embrace
His gentle hand reached down  
Wiping spittle from my face  
I slowly regained my speech
Lying prone, misunderstood  
"You proffered me his book,
Said, this man is not good!"
They stood in stubborn stances
Took measure of their foe
"You granted him new life,
I was willing to let him go!"
Understanding donned  
I pilfered my meager tome
Found the snippet inside the jacket
Began to whisper aloud a poem
"Forces bend my mind
That elude my comprehension  
I express their dark design
To relieve an inner tension  
Forgive my pen to paper
Foul words escape to vent
Death hangs like a vapor  
In these Poems by Pent"
They stood with mouth's agape
Both felt they had been had
The kind One's eyes grew angry
Replacing what was sad
Each stared with resolution  
Neither moved their ground
I sensed it was some truth
That held each one spellbound  
Suddenly He boomed,
"You broke your vow, and term,
To let them make the choice!"
His words were clear, and firm
He lunged to wield a weapon  
But the old man changed in form
Where he once looked hideous
Paled compared to norm
Shadowy strangers flew about
Cloaks fluttered nails on chalk
I pressed my hands to ears
So loudly vile was their talk
I was cradled in massive arms
Carried up the flight of scares
Laid upon night's dewy lawn
Awakened to many stares
Someone knelt, quietly spoke,
"You've had a bad trip my man.
Grab my hand, and I'll help you,
Stand up slowly if you can."
I made it to my feet
Confused, and lacking balance  
But this stranger steadied me
And acted as my valance
He offered to drive me home  
Pointed out his wheels with pride
It was an eerie blackish-blue  
I turned down his generous ride
Written by Mastersensation (Pent)
Author's Note
By Pent
July 26th, 2021
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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