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Dialogue Between Lovers

I cupped my hands around her skull and wondered what thoughts must be swirling inside the sphere no larger than two fists pressed together. What I held in my hands was a wonder, years in the making. The balance between nature and nurture fascinated me, especially in the acquisition of language and personality.

“What are you thinking?” she asked in her clear alto voice that filled the darkness. I heard a hint of laughter in her chest as she spoke.

“I was thinking how beautiful you are.”  
“Good answer, wise guy.”  
She often called me wise guy as a way of teasing me for my career choice. I was a college professor at a fledgling community college. She was a speech therapist at a nearby high school.    
I looked down at Donna's face against my chest. Her brown eyes sparkled from the soft window light our tiny apartment. “I was thinking what a miracle it is that such perfection found me on this small blue pearl floating in infinite space.”  
“You’re no astronomer,” she whispered.  
“I don’t have to be to know perfection when I see it.”  
“Good answer. wise guy.” I felt warm and wet from sweat, where Donna’s ear rested on my chest. I knew she heard my heart beating stronger now. While lost in my thoughts, she shifted over me, then dropped down, pressing her lips against my flesh, hardened with desires.  
I thought how central her lips were to her daily work with so many. Her voice rang with clarity when she spoke. I imagined her mouth modeling sounds carefully for students. Could they imagine what her lips meant to me? I almost chucked, realizing there were probably a few high school boys that could. The warm, tingling sensation brought me back to reality. I wasn’t ready yet.  
Donna was so good, so self-aware. She rose over me and smiled, letting her legs spread over me. I felt her warm crotch pressing against my stomach and caught the wisp of a familiar smell that swirled around my face making me dizzy.  
“God, you’re beautiful.”  
“You’re no theologian,” she said, still smiling over me.    
 “No, but I am an astronaut about to explore a lovely dark hole in outer space.”  
She laughed, "Ready for lift off," and I felt her fingers aligning me before being submerged in heat.  
The warmth of her always amazed me. Her dark shadow moved over me as the frantic tap, tap, tap of her flesh against me filled the room. I loved her animal self and marveled that the silhouette swaying over me held such sweet personality, humor, and spirit, but also these raw animal desires.    
Minutes passed as the tapping continued without a word between us. Donna sensed the moment was near and slowed her rhythm, now pressing…. pressing…. slower still.  
Then a voice, mine. My soft moan of pleasure echoed in the small room and her body pushed down hard onto me, accepting me fully. I lifted her folded frame with a final upward, savoring her light, warm mass.  
At the euphoric release inside Donna, I thought of her life and the balance of nature and nurture that made her so beautiful to me. I wondered how long our love would last. Then I smiled, imagining her saying, “You’re no fortune teller.”
Written by LostViking (Lost Viking)
Author's Note
For this flash fiction of 531 words, I imagine the dialogue between a young couple in love.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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