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Thorns kissed the tongue painfully

A dark room, the sounds are blurred,
I crawl to his touch on my legs
All the rules, principles, frameworks are forgotten,
He whispers me in syllables in a breath

From the tips of my fingers, up to the shins above,
He draws the sign of infinity wetly
And He deeply, but calmly, breathes,
Dominance, filling his workshop

My lower abdomen will fill the unknown,
Pierces the nipples with needles of passion
I cannot promise to keep the vows of silence,
Without a sound in the hands of man wriggle

- Get on your knees and hands behind your back! -
/ Cold blade of forged phrases /
I will easily obey my Master,
Without hiding blue and devoted eyes

Barely rising, the curves are so smooth,
I will close all the risks of my palms at the same moment
I know that He will not make mistakes,
Only a beautiful low evidence

Wrists entwined with a tight serpentine,
-Relax! Trust! And just fly! -
I feel His web on my skin,
After all, this is the unforeseen Paradise

Desire mixed with pain in the cocktail
- Lie down without moving! I'll be back soon! -
Goosebumps instantly rushed through,
Minutes dragged on, as if in hell

The clock, like a pendulum, beat with hypnosis,
And dryness walked along the edges of the lips
Returned. In the hands of a royal rose,
And immediately from the doorway is excitingly rude

-Hold this rose! Clasp your teeth! -
/ The thorns kissed the tongue painfully /
His palms are expensive cashmere,
He smoothly penetrated deeper with his fingers

I shuddered all from the hot inside out
To the tips of my fingers and straight hair
Easily succumbing to a fierce cut,
I dropped diamonds of unrestrained tears

Spiked along the umbilical hollow,
Tearing consciousness from my depths
On the skin, scratching the passions of the paths,
Which will hardly be visible ...

He drank in a kiss drops of blood,
Which the rose lit on his lips
And the evening is painted in a shade of burgundy,
Mixing domination and fear in the palette

- Breathe, my girl, slowly, hotly,
I will breathe new life through your skin! -
After all, there is no noble gift on earth ...
/ My pulse overflowed over the edge. I'm drowning /

He brought me beyond the limits of consciousness,
Beyond my horizon and the remnants of boundaries
Once again I will wait only for His punishments,
And the sweetness of wet, salty fluids
Written by KristinaX
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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