Facts are optional with hardcore racists and inured Idiots. Just ask troll Victoria Cantwell; if that's her real name!

By Stanley Collymore

Fury from a specious right
wing, and most evidently  
too a very intellectually  
challenged troll cowardly, in all
likelihood as the vast majority  
of such trolls, quite fatuously  
and instincively do, clearly  
masquerading under a sick  
pseudonym, and evilly too  
sorely shit scared, ever to
simply employ their true  
familial name; which in  
essence, really does say
a lot clearly, regarding  
all those encamped in  
malevolent solidarity  
together with clearly  
odious specimens of
reprobate hominids
risibly claiming they
are, human beings!

As the one I'm writing  
about is so evidently  
doing. Calls herself  
Victoria Cantwell; and claims that  
she is living in one of those regal
coastal regions that importantly  
for her, blissfully decorates the  
southeast of England and fully  
away from immigrant and so
typically non-English; nastily  
foreign infested ,so unjustly  
cruelly corrupted, England.
Well Victoria my true, and  
birth name is undeniably
Stanley Victor Collymore  
and most distinctly clear  
not one, of the generally  
white man and his own
haughtily granted ones  
when our own,  African  
ones, they also banned.  

And personally with my
proud, Black and aptly  
Barbadian, ancestral
heritage - I would not dream;
far less so even contemplate
disparaging in any way, my
birthright and heritage by
utilizing any other name;
even when the necessity
dictates, that I castigate  
inured idiots, and toxic
low-life, racist Karens  
just like you, Victoria!

You state and I quote Victoria  
Cantwell: "Funny how many
immigrants have come to
our shores to infest us;
including the Irish, Scots and the
Welsh," Well my dear, you're  so  
evidently stupid about history  
as you clearly are genetically;
as it basically wasn't all that  
long ago, and rather jointly  
the English, and also their  
fellow, Brit islanders that  
you scandalously deeply  
scorn were the multiple  
emigrants infesting the
globe taking whatever  
they selfishly fancied;

depriving people wholesale  
of their countries and also
engaging in pastimes like  
intentional genocide. As
such convict infested and equally  
odiously ingrained terra nuliius  
mindset Australia quite readily  
comes to mind; Canada and in
rigid tandem too significantly  
bearing in mind what visibly  
barbarically similarly going  
on elsewhere in the land of
New Zealand also. Harshly  
across Africa, India, those
North American colonies,  
China and the Caribbean.

And even to this day Britain  
typically, as the arrogant  
grifter nation which it  
evidently still is with all of that
American money, that clearly  
it shamelessly gets from the
vile lease of Diego Garcia:
this main territory of the
Chagos Islands to the US
as a military base. First
requesting that Britain  
firmly cleansed all the
Black Chagossians as
well as strip them all  
of their key rights to
have their isles back
and go home. Stooge
Britain agreed! Alas,  
the Falkland's white  
islanders who have
unrestricted rights  
to reside in Britain  
retain them, not so
these Chagossians
also British citizens!

(C) Stanley V  Collymore  
14 july 2021.

Author's Remarks:  
The BBC once aired a television series called: Who do you think you are? The contestants all white and of both genders were all naturally convinced that they exclusively white Caucasian. Part of their remit was that apart from giving background information on themselves they would also have to submit to a comprehensive DNA test scrupulously organized by the BBC and with those individual results publicly aired. All the contestants avidly agreed. Why not, bearing in mind they all considered themselves the epitome of white supremacy.

On the first programme Carole Thatcher, Maggie's daughter, like all the other participants were quite adamant that they would be proven to be exclusively white. However, when the several DNA results were completed, were handed to the BBC and publicly aired Carole Thatcher and the others were in for a hell of a shock! For all of these contestants had genetic ingredients they knew nothing about.

In Carole Thatcher's case ot showed that she had a marked preponderance of Arabic DNA despite Carole from the very outset categorically and arrogantly declaring she was 100% white Caucasian. How then did so much Arab DNA get into her system; and where did it come from, her mother of her father's side; two individuals known to be distinctly racist. Adultery on Margaret Thatcher's part? Take your pick. About the same time Carole's brother Mark was reported missing in the Arabian Desert on some car rally or other, and Margaret Thatcher was very concerned about the welfare of her favourite son. However, she was greeted not by sympathy and understanding from people in Britain and across Europe but snide, caustic and humorous remarks along the lines of: Mark will be back, he's just perusing the Arab landscape in search of his Arab relatives. Interestingly enough perceived white Caucasian Carole Thatcher hasn't married and clearly has forgone having children? Why, you may well ask.

Another other the participants, also female and equally adamant that she was exclusively white Caucasian also and who additionally had a virulent hatred of the Romany people also had her DNA results back, and which the BBC likewise publicly aired. Turned out that she had a 98% Romany/Gypsy DNA.  Furiously she insisted the BBC retracted that categorical check and produce another one in line with whom she regarded herself as, else she would sue the BBC. She got nowhere with that and humiliated, sulkingly took to her bed.

Which prompts my question: How many of you so-called all-white individuals do stupidly believe that stuff? How many of you are actually hiding something you want to conceal from others as you pass yourselves off as someone and something that you're not? Or because you don't actually know who your biological parents  - and particularly so in bastardized and cuckolded Britain who your biological fathers are - you stupidly and for relevance in order to conceal your insecurity, lack of belonging and garner, you hope, a life, fictional and delusional though it is, away from the pathetic one you have, by picking on and looking down on others whom you want to believe are inferior to you; but deep inside you know are not, but can't bring yourself to accept that reality.

Shit scared, particularly if you're a woman, to have kids of your own because of genetic blowback? And it's not just in the UK that such lunacy goes on. John Edgar Hoover of USA, FBI infamy,  passed himself off as white all of his life and maintained that lie by ruthlessly threatening his Black relatives and even having some of them murdered to maintain that lie. But yes, many light-skinned Blacks, the result of the  systematic rape injection of the white man's Y chromosome into Black slaves, and in a country where segregation was rampant and Jim Crowism was rife, many light skinned Blacks, particularly from the Deep South moved away whenever they could up North and passed themselves off, for a relatively decent living for themselves, as whites. And to keep that farce going and protect themselves from exposure, were invariably more publicly racist to Blacks than some whites were.

I personally and strongly believe in this day and age that at birth and even within adulthood, if it didn't happen at birth, that everyone should be DNA tested and such records be additionally  as well as publicly made available on request; like a Freedom of Information charter. As one thing it'll certainly do is to rein in all the racists, hereditary cuckolded elites and the white supremacists who no longer would be able to hide behind the ludicrous screens of what they simply are not; while at the same time significantly making decent human beings less of a target for such aforementioned lowlife scum.

What about me, I hear you ask? In typical Barbadian fasion: No problem, man! All Collymore clan members from baby hood were blood tested. Now it's DNA done.
Why? My maternal grandmother's own Grandmother with whom she's had the same close empathetic relation as she's had with me from birth, was born in slavery in Barbados. History book stuff to you white lot but very apt and relevant to is. And this ancestor of mine who was just 16 when the Emancipation Bill was being debated in the UK House of Commons categorically stated that if she survived slavery that under no circumstance come liberation would continue to carry a white man's name as all slaves, dehumanized and stripped of their African ones and heritage were obligatorily forced into doing. So she created the Collymore name and told the only man she ever loved and married - and 2 years her senior - that would be the case. He, she went on, could keep his white slave name if he wanted but their children and descendants would have the Collymore surname.

Slavery was abolished in the Caribbean in 1833 but so the slaves didn't just walk away and leave the useless plantation owners high and dry, the so-called freed slaves had to carry on working as before so the UK authorities could switch from slavery to the system of colonialism, while the plantation owners who got massive compensation for "losing" their chattel - property in other words -could have their fields worked free as before, while the slaves nor their descendants to this day got a single penny in reparations. However, the descendants of the slave owners: people like David Cameron ex-PM, his  wife and the actor Hugh Cumberbatch all still get huge compensation because their ancestors were slave owners. And they're not the only ones.

Ten years later in1843 with colonialism in place as a control mechanism the slaves  were "officially" freed. My grandmother three times removed married her man, my grandfather of the same time frame. He supported her 1000% and the Collymore Clan was born. Thereafter from the NE of Barbados the family prospered and migrated across the island, later other Caribbean territories, Guyana as it is now, Surinam,  Cuba, Panama where they were instrumental in the contruction of the Canal as engineers - Whites were paid in Gold and all others in silver, except Barbadians because of their level of skills were like whites  paid in Gold.

The Collymore Diaspora is now global: the USA, Canada, UK, western Europe, and a number of African countries. Education, a driving force of our two founders is still paramount and the list of professions they hold is quite impressive. We look after each other and close contact is retained throughout our Diaspora, who no matter where they're born in this world regard Barbados as home.

Every new addition first blood tested as prescribed by our founder so the clan can maintain its cultural and biological links is carried  and the details transmitted to Barbados. Many of us meet up on important occasions and during our carnival season

Our genetic pool is diverse Collymore members do not court or biologically marry each other; to us that's infra dig and taboo, as it is to all Barbadians  and accounts for why we and the island a distinctively has such an extensive genetic pool and the largest number of centenarians anywhere in the world. Not bedridden sods as is so customary in the UK,  but active individuals living at home and actively supported by family members, friends and neighbours, and there are a few of these across the Collymore Diaspora and particularly so in Barbados, where longevity has been our friend. And with our staunch Christian faith we thank God, who out of slavery and degradation has indeed been good to us

So I'm exceedingly happy to be who I and like every other Collymore proud to carry the familial name I have, as well as being a direct descendant of that formidable and inspirational lady who made it all possible, and who we all proudly carry in our hearts eternally.

So why don't you submit yourself to an actual DNA test Victoria Cantwell and encourage others like you to do the same, if you've the balls to and that's your real name?

Written by Academic
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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