What do my thoughts mean to you?
You like the positive
But disregard commentary on the message
When my sentiments are nothing more
Than just the feel-good words of the moment
Forgive me if I bore you with my passions
And I talk too much to be heard
When communication is key
I speak but are you listening to me?

Apologize to pacify and tell me if Iím worth the effort
To be something to you in secret but no one on a media feed
While circumstances find Iím best made a whisper of
As we maintain the illusion of suburbia for the overseerís peace of mind
Close your eyes when the sightís restored
And talk around the issues to keep love blind

Love me when Iím no fun
Iím still learning to be your personal entertainer
Iím so cute when Iím quiet but you canít keep me that way
Irrational frustrations on my part I suppose
Ignore me if itís best for you
As I sell out conviction and tip toe around your feelings
But I was a sell out before we started

Careful your true heart is showing beneath your best confessions
Donít leave me alone with only a reluctant hand
To bail me out of the wreckage
Is this forever or just as long as I keep you high?
Making love at the wrong time
On the wrong side of contracts
The devilís in the paperwork
As we parade sin blessed by the pretense of a self-made god

Like love is have it your way
Your body aches and my heart is sick
I sit by idle and waiting to matter as I serve
Carry a purse, stack a chair, play the music and fall in line
Between weekday obligations for weekend getaways
Waiting for Sunday mountain tops as we cliff dive off the summit
And fall into new meanings for the Valley of death

Weíre all trying to dodge responsibility or make excuses for our lack
How strong is our love?
Can we outlast their words?
Circumstantial delay?

Time and miles like walls translated in the distance that stands between us
I want to set boundaries, but you melt them away like butter
For guilt trips like slipping on a puddle of crocodile tears
As the water of the swamp slips down the snout

How long can we deny reality and live in a honeymoon?
Before we out bask the romance and first light is just a sunburn in waiting
Resisting the death of us, how do I make you fall in love with my life?
I drown in the depths of you
You wade on the fringes of me
Are you in love with who I am or just a fantasy?
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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