Final nail in the coffin

Have you ever wanted someone or something so bad you hyperventilate???

Looking at me I know you see me, even when I don't realize the things I do on the norm you see me.
Your kisses, you holding me even when I don't need it showed me you cared. You told me that you can and will be the person for me...the person I needed.
You've evolved into a stranger, someone I don't recognize you hardly look at me which breaks my heart, no more kisses or meaningful hugs.
You avoid me at all costs and blame the weather, your friends, or a headache...
I can't keep loving you the way you want me to because I am breaking...
Don't you see that you're creating a monster that lives within me that's dying to be released???
I wanna scream, cry or just tell you “Baby, I love you please don't let me go...don't let me evolve without you” but those actions would be beneath my character, and ill be damned if I let you feel an ounce of how I truly feel because my pride is stronger than the love I have for you.
So goodbye to the growth of a heart
Goodbye to the future I envisioned for us
Goodbye to wanting...needing more of you
Goodbye old me
Welcome the heartless bitch would you.
Written by Burgundy_Sky
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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