[ On Poetry ] When Poetry was an art

Instead of having cups of coffee
and conversations these days †
perhaps due to being so busy †
minding our own busy-ness †
we tend to holler across grainy †
monitored fields of Internet, Hey! †  
This is my life at the moment!

Technology has introduced us †
to more people across the planet- †
ary landscape than we can physic- †
ally connect with one-on-one †
And while such is a wonderful arena †
for poets aiming to bounce their craft †
off public walls in rubber ball fashion †  
when finetuning writing techniques †
it's in the best interest of your readers †
that you don't confuse them with †  
friends, associates, followers --- whatever †  
you prefer to call those other people †
picking away at the low hanging fruits †  
of your app'led-orchard Facebook page †
because as already established †
Life is being lived by those †
out in the real world †  
and not online 24/7 †
/365 †
Does anyone actually giving a damn †  
about you ( and your poetry ) †
have the time to be mired in a boggy †
blog of ambiguous mumblings †
informing people about what †
may be going on in your life? †
Or to suffer through long-winded †
rants metaphorically directed †
at particular individuals †  
( supposedly existant ) †
you're trying to shame †
( because you somehow feel more †
engaging with a war helmet on †
when spouting off ) †
but won't name? †
Seriously †
couldn't you just post a selfie? †
At least then †
we could voluntarily zoom †
in at our own discretion †
to more thoroughly examine †
and determine for ourselves †
what THAT trivial pursuit might be †
stuck in your craw †
( spinach ..? popcorn ..? ) †
that you're trying to spit out †
Please. †
Consider being more considerate †
---don't expect everyone †
to drop what they are doing †
walk all the way across the room †  
street, parking lot, block, or office †
and besiege you with requests †
for clarification because of †
an inability to be forthright and honest †
cravings for attention †
or you simpl[e mindedl]y †
had another brainfart †
I guess what I'm trying to say is †
There was a time when †
Poetry was an art

Now? I'm not so sure †
Written by JohnnyBlaze
Published | Edited 27th Oct 2021
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