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Bricelyn's Torment #1

Brice started to wake up but her head was pounding and there was a sharp pain in her arm. She open her eyes to see a man in a mask injecting something into her arm and tried pulling away but her hands and feet were tied to a old bench.    
      "I see your awake. Good, I just injected you with an antibiotic. You got a rash from  something and it was spreading so I needed to give you the injection."
      "Who are you and what do you want from me?" Brice whispered.
      "You can call me Masked Man and I was hired to keep watch over you while your captor is gone."
      "Where am I?"
      "I can't tell you that. Look Bricelyn, I'll explain things later but right now I can't. Now are you allergic to any medications?"
      "No. Who kidnapped me?"
      "Wyatt Knox."
Brice's eyes grew wide with fear. She started kicking and pulling trying to get lose but the Masked Man grabbed her roughly.
      "Stop, look I know your scared but I'm going to help you get out of here but not until he visits three times so he thinks he can trust me. Brice you have to trust me. I'm going to get you out of here."
      "Why did he take me?"
      "I don't know why but he paid me one hundred thousand dollars to make sure you stay put."
Brice nodded and closed her eyes. Great, I'm going to die here and never see my brothers again. Never get to tell Adam that I'm his sister. That's when the door swung open and Wyatt Knox walked in. Brice stared at him and swallowed the bile that rose in her throat.
      "Very good Masked Man, you can wait outside now."
      "Yes, Mr. Knox."
Brice watched as the Masked Man walked out the door with one last glance at her. Wyatt took off his suit coat and rolled up his sleeves after he searched through a bag in the corner of the shack.
      "You know Bricelyn, your mother was spirited and mouthy. She made me so mad all the time. Always talking about how great her little boys were and how Jason treated her like a princess. It made me sick. I thought your mother was a beautiful woman and had a beautiful body. I wanted to make that body mine for a little while so one night I waited while she worked late and I raped her. Then I raped her more and more. Then she came to work telling everyone that Jason and her were expecting another baby. I knew that you weren't Jason's daughter. I knew that I made her pregnant. Though she tried to hide it from me but I ordered a copy of your real birth certificate. I found out I was right not only did I have a one year old son I also had a new born daughter. " Wyatt said as he turned on an electric probe.
      "Please don't hurt me. I'm your child." She begged.
      "You will never be a child of mine in my eyes. I'm going to kill you just like I tried to do when I ordered someone to run you and your parents of that road."
Anger raised in Bricelyn's veins. This asshole didn't just rape my mother but he also killed her and my father. He tried to kill me and Dante was right mom and dad where murdered.
      "You son of a bitch!" Bricelyn screamed.
Wyatt chuckled and pressed the electric probe to her right thigh making her screech in pain. He loved the way it made her arch in pain. He removed the probe and smiled as she gasped for air and tears rolled down her cheeks.
      "Why?" She whispered.
That's when the probe was landed on her shoulder. Another scream sliced through the air. Brice struggled to breath and felt like her eyes were going to bulge out of her head. One after another thirteen more pokes all over her body raced through her. After the last one Wyatt shut off the probe and smiled at his work. Brice was crying and gasping for air shaking from the surges.
      "I'll see you tomorrow." He snickered as he grabbed his jacket and walked out the door.
Brice heard him say something to the masked man but didn't catch what it was. Her heart was racing and body ached. The masked man came into the building and grabbed a rag and some hydrogen peroxide. He came up and looked at her.
      "Bricelyn this is going to sting and hurt like hell but I have to do it."
      "Ok, why did you let him do that to me?" She cried.
      "Sweetheart if I would have stopped him, you would never get out of here because he would have killed me. I'm your only hope of getting out of here."
      "You're voice I've heard it before a long time ago."
The masked man stopped cleaning the burns for a minute and nodded. She jumped at the pain of one of the burns that was on her chest. He pressed her down and rubbed her shoulder.
      "That's because you have heard my voice before. Brice my name is Seth Kalakowa,  I'm your cousin. My job is to find suspicious ads on the internet and take them if you think someone is going tot get hurt. I'm a privat;4e investigator. I called about Wyatt's ad and he told me about you and i took the job right away."
      "Seth, Oh my god." She whispered.
Seth knew she probably was angry at him  for not telling her sooner so he just washed the rest of the burns without saying anything.
      "Seth, since I'm not Jason's daughter you're technically not my cousin." She cried.
      "No that's not true. You will always be my cousin just like you will always be a full sister to your brothers. Now you need to rest ok? Try and get some sleep." He whispered kissing her forehead.
Brice closed her eyes and took some deep breaths. Soon she drifted into a deep sleep.  Seth went and sat in a corner and rested his head against the wall. Two more days and I'll get her out of here. He thought before he closed his eyes.
Written by Countrygirl96
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