Materialized of this world so I am of sin
With a conscience that screams stab again and again
How can you make a body without inflicting some pain
Listen up close to why they think I'm deranged

While bowing down to Baal, he dubbed me Mentality
Supreme Executioner, Sir Lance on a killing spree
I don't have to fear death because now I'm an entity
Turn me loose upon the world and watch me reap for thee

Having seen existence before there was light
When Baal roamed freely and evil was right
Composed of the components that made up that world
I have bowed to thee and I'm here to serve

Evolving from the pit now I possess a title
Mentality's here to please Baal, my hero, my idol
Enduring a world that's full of corruption
Baal added me in to help speed the destruction

Given the task to make him beg for death
Moan all praises due to Baal with his very last breathe
You fooled a whole nation but it was just for wealth
Now close you eyes really tight let me introduce you to death

You'ld be surprised by the many disguise
Baal can acheive to stop your rise
Emerging from the pit on the wrong side of town
Estates large enough to be considered compounds

Taking my time to kill his dog because I like the sound
Baal liked the way they bled when I sliced them to the ground
With a pat on the back, he said, "yeah Mentality just like that
Now bring the saber lets find a way in, he might be strapped"

All this wealth and no alarm
Must be a fakir to confuse protection with charm
Second floor bedroom and he isnt even armed
Mentality's broken in and I do mean you harm

Tied to the bed before I woke him up
I've got a regular kitchen knife for these smaller cuts
Seeing my intentions and he starts to moan
I know I have to bring him home, Baal's cheering me on

"Everyone knows that the flesh is a sin
Hurry up and peel him so that we can start over again"
Anyone else would probably start with his lying lips
Then slit his wrist, before giving his spleen a rip

But with Mentality that's not the case
You've just met torment and it's written all over my face
Starting with an incision around his waist
"Take your time there's no haste

Just make sure that nothing is wasted"
I don't have to double check when I move at this pace
Upon his chest I drew a series of veves
Dedicating him to Baal and me

The whole time the anticipation is growing
He's fighting it but the pain is showing
To show him that I came to to work and not to flirt
I grabbed the skin above the incision and pulled it off like a T-shirt

On an adrenaline high, using so much force. sets me on a hacking course
And I end up with a dismembered corpse
Left in the room it's just Baal and me
I know he's hidden it somewhere, I've gotta find the key

It only took a while to find his vial
Looked over at the mirror and saw Baal smile
Are ready for the ultimate transit
The vial contains a trail straight to the pit

Pledging my soul to yet another hit
Back in the pit
The ever elusive culprit
Settles in and endures another fit

Begging forgiveness for not meditating
But I've gotta keep perculating
I know there's a body waiting
So for Baal I keep circulating

I'm quickly forgiven, because I'm subject to fall prey
To anything that don't go my way
I'ld just as soon slaughter you as to say
"Please have a nice day"

So before you leave it's best to be sure
Mentality is not out there dangling a lure
For I'm of evil dark and pure
And for my sickness there is no cure

There lower I go the heat has me drenched
But the lower I go the more I love the stench
Having endured my tour in the trench
With open arms I appear before Baal, who relinquish the bench  
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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